Gather your Sew-plies!! Class at The City Quilter.

Here is a cut and paste from The City Quilter‘s web site:


Hand sewing requires few tools: scissors, a thimble, perhaps

a piece of wax and some thread. While making a

‘Gather your Sew-plies’ purse, we will explore hand sewing

themes in embroidery while creating our own purses. Each

purse has a scissor pocket, a thimble holder, and an area

to keep a few choice items. It will sit tidily against your

body so that you can easily move around and carry your

tools with you. This class will explore embroidery and composition

in an interesting, offbeat and artistic manner.

 Sundays, Sept. 23, 30 from 12 – 4 PM

Instructor: Melanie Testa Fee: $ 90

 I have been working and digging on this sample, for the class. I can’t seem to finish it, or to let it go for that matter. I tried to separate myself from it today, but could not. I went to pick up the scissors from the sharpener and took it as an opportunity to drop another sample Sew-plies purse at The City Quilter. I brought this one, hoping to ‘finish it in time’. But I couldn’t hand it to Nancy. So I gave her an indigo dyed purse. One that features one of Glennis Dolce’s moons. I am so happy to have found a place for a piece of her work!

So, are if you in or around New York City and would you like to take a creative embroidery class with me? Please call the gals at (212-807-0390), email ( or drop by the shop with your credit cards ready.  

I would like to have fun with you and some good old fashioned stitch.

 This purse uses my eye/heart stencil. I am exploring how I might embody the layered textured, interrupted, messy nature of graffiti, in cloth, with this purse. It is time for this purse to turn a corner and get another layer. Maybe on the back, I am not sure. So you will be seeing more of this purse in the next few days.


I have become a quiet blogger. I am learning to run The Clever Guild, I built the site! Now I have to learn to use it! Funny how that happens.

I have begun training with Marianne Kane at MyOhMyTV. I am also going to a pool program for survivors twice a week. I am doing things I would have never thought and I am really enjoying myself.

Cricket and I got mani/pedis’ this week. I told myself to get blue or green. I love looking down and seeing this color. Anyway. I have been having a hard time keeping up with myself! It is all good though.

Writing the article at Role/Reboot is an interesting experience. I wrote it (with a little help from my Mom!), I knew it was going live. When the day came? Deer in the headlights. But then, I said what I had to. So I was alright with it. It got maybe 94 likes on Facebook. 11 Tweets and 17 Shares. 

I have a favor to ask, Will you please post the link to the article on your Facebook for  a time? I would love to have as many people as possible read it and share it. Simply living without breasts should be offered as an option to breast cancer survivors, it should be accepted as part of living female in this world. No questions asked. Can you tell I feel passionate about this topic? So, please share, tweet, pinterest the article.

So, that is a quick recap from me.

2 thoughts on “Gather your Sew-plies!! Class at The City Quilter.

  1. Oh how I wish my wings would grow so I could fly east to take your class. Your article has been shared and I hope it spreads like wildfire. Love the painted tootsies! The Clever Guild is so much fun and has changed this student’s life. Thank you. Melly TV is my treat every Friday evening. Wishing you and your Man a beautiful weekend. xoxo


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