Move those labels.

 Eucalyptus dyed silk satin over linen, replaced label. Soon to become a strap for a Gather your Sew-plies purse, hippie style. I am moving labels around within my wearable art pieces. Very excited by the idea.

My medias are mixing, it can be quite confusing. My orderly nature rebels, but the stuff I am making? Awe-some. I love when I feel good about the stuff I am making.

It is difficult to remain tidy. Maybe the definition of tidy changes per project. Stencils on top of embroidery floss, works for me.

Brown glass buttons sold along side chocolate, I don’t understand the connection, perhaps the color brown? Both yum.

Kailey, my intern, helping me prepare for Quilting by the Lake next week. Can I tell you how much I admire and like Kailey? She is a sweetheart. Really, I just wanted her here, I hope she got as much out of coming as I did in having her. A few months back she came and we made cloth for her final high school project, this month, Kailey came to help me. I Lurve her.

New haircut! I look spankin’.

2 thoughts on “Move those labels.

  1. Looking at that yummy fabric and I suddenly started craving apricots! Then the buttons, hmm, dried apricots dipped in dark chocolate? You have described my current frustration very well. I have embroidery going in one basket (with stencils in their binder), drawing and painting in my trusty wooden crate with handle, knitting in another basket. Then yesterday I had a flash for little Christmas gifts to make this year. So, out comes the fabric paint, cloth, sandpaper, and more drawing ideas. This all takes place in one room and I have run out of space for anymore projects. I used to be so disciplined! One project at a time, what happened? I don’t mind because I am creating!!!!! Is that embroidery I spy on the collar of your vest? Kailey is so beautiful! And her smile makes me smile. Have a fun time creating! xoxoxoxoxo


  2. What fun you are having! And I totally relate to the absolute chaos of multiple mediums playing havoc with your natural organizational tendencies… that’s the inner imp coming out! You should see my studio right now… upside down and backwards, but I’m making progress. I love that you have an intern, and I’ll bet she is having a wonderful time with you! How could she not? That is a great picture with her, as well as the ‘new haircut’ picture… you are looking well and happy, and that makes me smile! Have fun at Quilting by the Lake!


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