And the winner is?


Congratulations Kristin, please email me as soon as you are able. 

And to all who took the time to comment, post links to your Facebook page, thank you. 

I invite those of you who have interest my my approach to keeping an artist’s journal to please sign up for my class. This is a video intensive 5 week (possibly 6) class that really picks apart all the different aspects of having fun with art supplies, layering techniques, drawing and painting.

I would love the opportunity to work with you and to explore what you and your visual voice has to say. I will ask you to buy yourself flowers too! This is an added benefit of taking the class if you ask me! We all deserve pretty things to look at (and don’t worry, I have also taken loads of gorgeous photos for you to work from as well.

So please, sign up for my first journaling class today! I look forward to it!

Dream Journals

8 thoughts on “And the winner is?

  1. Congratulations to Kristin (although I really wanted that class!) I just received my copy of the Dreaming from the Journal Page book, and it is just beautiful. Gorgeous photography on yummy paper. The beauty of the pages, along with the new and unique techniques make this book a keeper!


  2. Melly…that may be Kristin La Flamme (one of the Twelve by 12s). She and hubby are currently on transfer to a new home, so she may not be checking in regularly. I left her a message on her website just in case…… Have FUN! And totally love the new book. Will do a RAVE review as soon as I can, but slamming to prep a demo/lecture for Maine Quilts in 2 weeks. Once that is done……Cheers, Sarah


  3. Bummer, wish I was the right Kristin, congrats to Kristin L. though! I will have to sign up. I got the book yesterday and it’s just beautiful!


  4. Just checking your blog to see the process for comments – as we discussed on Wed.

    Your Captcha Code is a little easier to see than most.

    Now I’ll click on Post Comment and hope that I don’t get asked for my WordPress password.

    They didn’t like my Captcha code – I guess I put the spaces in the wrong place. Trying again.

    Third time – this time without spaces, although they appear on their sample.


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