The Over Achiever + Gone Fishin’

OK wait, The above photo shows the ‘Cuff Before’ photograph. Now onto the back story.

 You haven’t fully met this shirt yet, but you aren’t going to meet it now either. Not fully anyway, just enough so that you can get up to speed in my creative life. You see, it is crazy at Casa Melly. I am preparing for QBL, relaxing some before a full week of teaching, I am wearing this blouse right now and I don’t want to take it off, photograph it and start over. So there you have it. You get to meet this shirt in the middle instead of at the beginning.

This shirt is an over achiever. Basically Mod-oDoc, the company who made it, wanted this shirt to have all the bells and whistles it possibly could. So it has cargo like pockets, side pockets at the waist, extra wide cuffs, a collar and collar stand, a double button placket, tabs with buttons so you can roll up the sleeves and button them in place. That is a lot of stuff to be going on in one shirt. I think this is their version of cruise-wear and I am making changes on it left and right.

Oh! It also used to have flaps to close the two cargo pockets at the chest, I forgot to mention that because they were first thing to come off.

So: I halfed the cuffs. Doesn’t it look better being short and tidy? This fabric is very soft, does anyone know the name of it? It is almost like heirloom stitched needle hole embroidery.

removed the collar but left the collar stand.

And I am using a multicolor stencil to embroider a rose design up over the right breast pockets, around the back yoke, and perhaps a few sprigs draping down the left shoulder seam, I don’t know yet.

So, I will be scarce for a week. I will be teaching at QBL. I am teaching at The Clever Guild and I will not be updating this blog. I will be having fun and I will take photos so that I can share what I am up to when I return. 

I took this photo before removing the collar.

I am officially, Gone Fishin’

4 thoughts on “The Over Achiever + Gone Fishin’

  1. It looks like “Dimity” fabric. I have some of my baby clothes that were made out of it. The weaving is done so that holes or patterns appear. I haven’t seen it in ages, but I love it. I really like that you take the collars off. I have snubbed my nose at clothes because of collars, and now I know what to do!
    I hope you catch a peck of fish, even if it is just in your mind as you relax along the lakeshore. Have fun!!! You know I wish I could be there with you. Your students are in for a huge treat!!! Just think of all the flora and fauna that await your creative eye to be drawn into your sketchbook. xoxo


  2. You sure know your way around a garment! I barely know how to make ’em, let alone modify them! And I agree with Jeannie… your students are going to have a wonderful experience, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself! I’ll check back in a week or so to see how it went!


    1. Thank you Judy. You are the reason I teach. At least, I want to teach people like you, who are ready and eager to learn and want to play.


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