Dream Journal, new online class offering

I am putting the finishing touches on my first on-line journaling class Dream Journals and boy would I like to see you there. We will learn to use watercolors, resists, we’ll draw, paint, play and create journal pages that are richly layered and dynamic. All techniques covered in the class are taught in my book, Dreaming from the Journal Page, but that isn’t a required purchase. I do hope you might though!  The class stands alone, but also compliments and expands upon what is contained in the pages of the book. And beside that, we will be working in community with one another, helping and encouraging one another as we go.

The daffodil above, is an example of dry on dry watercolor painting, which is covered in two long videos (so far there are over 12 videos in all, more to come). Arrow to the left demonstrates the use of frisket as a resist. I will get you layering, building, drawing, painting and making pretty pages, using easily approachable techniques, in no time flat. I will get you drawing with fun and memorable warm up techniques, and if you have ever been heard to say, “I can’t draw”, you’ll prove yourself wrong.

And in order to get the word out about this new class offering, I would like to give away at least one spot in the class. 

Here is how it works:

1. Simply comment on this post to put your name in the hat.

2. To double your chances of winning, link to this post on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, or your favorite social networking site. BUT, you will need to come back here and leave a second comment with a link to your post, for a total of two comments in your name. You are responsible for this (please don’t link to me on Facebook, as I won’t be able to keep track of that, the comments here are the easiest way from me to keep it simple) .

So please help me get the word out, will you? I will announce a winner one week from today, July 10, so please check back. Thanks a bunch.

137 thoughts on “Dream Journal, new online class offering

  1. Ooooh ooooh ooooh! Waving hand wildly from the upper reaches of the northeast! I’ve got your book at the top of my “to DO NOW” before summer and the year evaporate pile….. would love to be in the class, too…..Cheers, Sarah ann Smith


  2. I’ve been a faithful follower of your for years. I’d love to learn some of your techniques. Thanks so much!


  3. Ohhhh, I’d love to take this on-line class with you! I always say I can’t draw a stick figure, but am so enamored of your artwork, I know I’d learn a lot from you. (Keeping fingers, toes, and eyes crossed.) ;^)


  4. Love your book Melanie! the thought of having videos to go with the lessons… WOW! Thanks for generously giving us a chance at a space!


  5. Melly…Your class is in my September budget – what a thrill it would be to win the opportunity to take it! Your book is full of wonderful ideas and I look forward to exploring them with y o as my mentor/teacher.


  6. I can hardly wait till the class starts. I love, love, love your book. The class can only add goodness. Karen


  7. I have yet to try an online class, and I think yours would be a fantastic place to start. My sketchbook could use some love too, so I’d be a happy camper with this opportunity.


  8. Mellie…I just posted a comment on Facebook: Kristin Anne Freeman Thanks Mellie! I would love to win a class with you, that’s for sure.
    2 seconds ago ·


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