Sewing Sew-plies again and again.

This week I did an interview and spoke about living in a tiny apartment and maintaining a studio within it. I was reminded that I don’t need to apologize for liking things neat. Funny how I do that. When I was working at the poster restoration place, I helped organize supplies and keep the shop ship shape. I came to understand that if you know where things are, it is easier to get a job done. Hence my love of peg board. Yesterday I got some new pegs out to hang some scissors that Leslie sent me (thanks woman!). Didn’t I just fall in love with peg board all over again? When I sit at my workbench, I know where everything is! Very nice.

So far I have made 6 Sew-plies purses, the above will be number 7. I strap them on and take my sewing with me wherever I go. With this one I am thinking about the layered nature of graffiti and how I might achieve that in cloth. This one is coming along nicely, it will be bigger than the others (I don’t know how I feel about this), because I can’t trim it, I wasn’t paying attention to the size as I began making it. Ops. Perhaps it will be made to hold my glasses or cell phone.

My friend Lisa came over and we made this purse side by side. She didn’t want hers as a ‘back pack style’ so she made her pouch to hang from the neck. Me? I am in love with the back pack styling (the pattern is almost ready). This one also needs a scissor pouch and thimble holder. I am loving making each and everyone. I am pairing them with clothing that I am stitching, embroidering and loving on. My studio looks like a haberdashery right now. I love that word.

And hey, if you haven’t already signed up for my Dream Journal class giveaway, please do.

3 thoughts on “Sewing Sew-plies again and again.

  1. Love, love the poppies with the eye/heart grafitti. I don’t think there is a better way to spend an afternoon than with a good friend stitching. (There are a couple of houses for sale up the street from me. hint!) I love peg board. I had it in my room at one time and loved having everything in sight and in reach. I need to go up to my neighbor’s shop and take photos for you. He is a woodworker and has a shop that I could live in. Everything has its place and you would think he could cook a meal in there, it is so neat and clean. Have a beautiful weekend! It is going to be a scorcher out here, so the watercolors, cloth, and dvd player are going to get a work out! xoxo


  2. I’m also into poppies right now. They seem to pop up everywhere. Yours are gorgeous. You make it look so easy, but I’ve been trying to design a pretty purse tonight, and oh my, how difficult it is to make things look casual and easy. I have some sort of map plotted out by now, though, so I’m well on my way. I’m going to use the script stencil I made for Stencil Magic, so the little course work I did is already starting to pay off. Woohoo!
    I also like ‘haberdashery’, along with flabbergasted, gobstopper and a number of other silly English words that I can’t think of right now, but which are the reason why I love your language. 😀


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