Traveling with Paint

During the webinar a few weeks back, Barbara asked what I would carry were I to travel to France. And while I have no plans to travel to France (though I would love to), I do know what I would carry were I to do so. The above palettes, as I talked about before, are really a child’s toy. But even still, they are metal, measure perhaps 1.25×2″ and have individual wells that hold 8 colors of paint. The lid closes nicely and this kids toy can become a great adult toy with some modification.

The paint that comes in these palettes are not great, but luckily, easy to remove. I am sorry I don’t have photos of the process but it is easy enough to describe. Using a tweezer or a pick, while the paint is dry, wedge the tool between the edge of the paint and the plastic well. The paints are glued in there and are easy to pop out. Clean all of the glue out of the well so that you have as much space as possible for your chosen paints.

Then line up the tube style watercolors you would like to put in your travel palette and start dispensing one color per well. I have been loyal to M. Graham paints lately. So I put Quinacridone Violet, Napthol Red, Ultramarine blue, Turquoise, Gamboge yellow, Azo Yellow, Yellow Ochre, and Payne’s grey in my palettes.

I have given these palettes to friends as a fun gift and one friend said she has a hard time using this palette because it is so small. She likes to mix a fair amount of paint and do washes, so this palette is not suited to that type of work. Assess how you think you would use paints while working on the go. Wrap the palette in saran wrap for an easy ‘mixing tray’, nab a paper coffee cup as a rinsing cup after breakfast in the morning, tuck a small paper towel into the lid of the travel palette to help dry it out when you are ready to pack up your supplies and dump them into you back pack.

Working on the go is much different than working at home with your favorite supplies. So when you are home and have all of your supplies in front of you, daydream about what you will need to make painting in France an easy reality.

I will post the link to what I carry when I travel again, just in case you missed it or want to know. Have fun Barbara and Shirley (both are traveling abroad). I look forward to seeing what artwork your travel stirs up.

10 thoughts on “Traveling with Paint

  1. Such cute little containers of goodness! Is you palette porcelain? It is very, very pretty – especially with paint in it! Hope you had a happy day!


  2. Hi Melanie!

    I came here via the Mixed Media newsletter and would love a pdf of your pouch pattern.

    The palette idea is great. I have a small metal box that holds watercolors, and I did take it with me to Paris last summer. (a study abroad class). It works wonderfully. I also have a plastic baby food jar that I keep water in, and carry with me. I have been known to use the cap of water bottle in a pinch. lol

    I was on the quitlart email list at one time, remember you from there.


  3. I came here via the Mixed Media newsletter and am glad I did. Your palette idea is a good one and I’ll try it out this weekend. I’d love the pdf for your little pouch. Your white shirt is intriguing-I may have to give that a try too! Thanks for being so generous with your art.


  4. i’m here from the create mixed media site. i LOVE what you are doing with clothing and am inspired to try something similar on our family trip next month. what kind of special care do you have to take with these items? are they still machine washable? beautiful! thank you for the inspiration.


  5. I too came here from the Create Mixed media site…and now plan to add this wonderful blog to my Bookmarked Blogsites. Love it!! I would love the pdf for the little pouch…and I’m trying to make one to hold my little watercolor pallette, brush, small journal book, and misc. journaling stuff! I’m already planning another for sewing as well!! thanks so much!! JILL


  6. Melanie, I just received your book (I had preordered it when first I knew about it, knowing it would be great) and I have to say that it is even better than I could have imagined! It is so beautifully done, everything is very clear, the pages are gorgeous, and your photo is just beautiful. It is a gift to all of us that you were able to channel your heart and soul into this book while undergoing such a traumatic period in your life. You are just remarkable! Kudos! Everyone out there – go buy the book!


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  8. If you can find water brushes they are fun to use. You fill the handle with water and a gentle squeeze releases it. I always carry one with my sketch book to use with water soluble pencils.


  9. This is so funny… I was going to try to message you because I didn’t see anything on the travel palette and tonight as I was checking out my favorite blogs–there is was. Thank you so much for posting the info and I plan on trying this out! “Going to France” Barbara


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