Leslie Tucker Jenison uses Florabunda! by RJR Fabrics

Leslie Tucker Jenison and I are good friends. Just to stand near Leslie, feels like you are being hugged and appreciated. She likes to cook, she is a visual artist with strong traditional quilting skills, she too works with Procion MX dye (which is a special bond in itself.). Check out her web site, blog,Continue reading “Leslie Tucker Jenison uses Florabunda! by RJR Fabrics”

Stitches pile up, life and CraftNAPA: an update

It has been more than 2 weeks since returning from the magical event called Craft NAPA. I feel blessed to have participated. I stood among friends, watched their connection to one another, ate chocolate covered strawberries and drank deep cups of coffee while also teaching and meeting new friends. This is the view from Pokey’sContinue reading “Stitches pile up, life and CraftNAPA: an update”

for the birds

The small quilt sandwich seen above is an accomplishment of conversational prints! It is a pun, do you get it?  Armchair Birder.  Total geeky cackle over here, this is great birding humor! 🙂 I got into textile design because I fell in love with conversational prints. So, I particularly like this combination of fabrics.  ButContinue reading “for the birds”