Happy New

Welcome the new girl in town.

I have not blogged in about 3 weeks, if not more, and I apologize for it.

To be honest, I have been depressed and needed a break. The Newtown sadness affected me deeply, life has not been easy for a few months and it all came to the forefront and slowed me to a halt. Through all this, I have been applying myself creatively and even if nothing is lighting an intense fire, I am producing some great work over here.

In the meantime, David and I contacted an animal rescue group called Infinite Hope. Then we did some soul searching on what we might like in a feline friend. At first we thought kittens, exciting little fluffballs that we might be able to form and mold (think lap cat), but then we started to see all the adult cats who are harder to place because of their age, quirky health needs, missing body parts…


Meet our new (as yet un-named friend). This little girl has had a full life and has done a great job of it so far. She was feral, got pregnant, had three kittens, managed to get all three kittens and herself trapped, adopted her babies out and then placed herself in her forever home. She got herself and her babies off the streets of New York City!

During her adventures she contracted ring worm which went undiagnosed. Her tail became so itchy, she chewed a portion of it off (missing parts, anyone? Some of the best of us are missing a few 😉 ). Her tail has healed, and is a great attribute! The rescue facility did two ring worm cultures to make sure there was no chance of a lingering illness and both came back negative. To have gone through so much and still has a great temperament? Wow.

I am so happy we went for a rescue cat and that she is so wonderful.

Meese Bowl MMXII