Teri Lucas, my Quilt Coach, uses Florabunda!

Teri Lucas is a quilter, teacher, quilt enabler and coach whose machine quilting skills are amazing. Check out her Insta and FB here. Teri is a good ‘in-person’ friend too. Her enthusiasm for our quilting community is catchy, while her encouragement to go farther and try new things is incredibly endearing. Teri introduced me toContinue reading “Teri Lucas, my Quilt Coach, uses Florabunda!”

Kathy York and Florabunda!

I am quite taken by Kathy York‘s work. She has the ability to make me gasp with her use of color. Her reach extends from technical, with beautifully pieced and quilted modern quilts, to a sometimes painterly and often graphic appeal in her art quilts. Check out her FB and Insta. In this baby quilt,Continue reading “Kathy York and Florabunda!”

Lyric Kinard shows Florabunda! off with a Tote

Lyric Kinard is an artist, author and teacher who published Art + Quilt, in addition to offering DVD workshops, a thermofax screen print service and artworks in her shop. Lyric updates a fab Call for Entry list, which I delve into regularly. Check out her FB, Insta. Not only all of this, but Lyric isContinue reading “Lyric Kinard shows Florabunda! off with a Tote”

Sara Mika and Mock Pie Studio uses Florabunda!

Sara Mika is a delightful connection for me, I have yet to meet her in person, but I look forward to it. Check out her blog, FB, Etsy and Insta. Sara’s art quilts are strong, playful, graphic and artistically expressive. Like me, Sara comes at quilting from a fine art perspective, but her more traditional quiltingContinue reading “Sara Mika and Mock Pie Studio uses Florabunda!”

Deborah Boschert’s Florabunda!

Deborah and I are good friends. Check out her insta, FB and Etsy. In the photograph below, I had just published Inspired to Quilt, which you can see on a banner-ad above Pokey and Deborah’s heads. That was more than 10 years ago! Such good times!  [I have since published two more books, Dreaming from theContinue reading “Deborah Boschert’s Florabunda!”

Tiffany Hayes and Florabunda! by RJR Fabrics

Head over to Tiffany’s online presence, Needle in a Hayes Stack, to see her full range of quilt patterns, block of the month offerings, fabrics, kits and notions too. Here is her Insta, her Pinterest, and FB just to keep it tidy! I could not be happier that Teri Lucas connected us! The pattern forContinue reading “Tiffany Hayes and Florabunda! by RJR Fabrics”

Improving my skill set and building preferences

In the last two months, I have been a very busy quilt maker. The image above shows that I have combined some sunflowers (the birds devoured the dried seeds within -Thanks Mom!) with threads for their nests. It seems like a win-win for our feathered friends! Food and nesting material, all on one NYC fireContinue reading “Improving my skill set and building preferences”

Random thoughts on fabric and quilting with Florabunda!

It has been so much fun learning to use Floribunda! in quilts. Florabunda! pairs nicely with other designer lines in the RJR Fabrics catalogue.   For instance, I think it pairs beautifully with Jamie Fingal’s Hopscotch line, an expansive and colorful array of low volume, super-fun prints.  (Jamie is a Florabunda! Blog Hop Celebrant and her workContinue reading “Random thoughts on fabric and quilting with Florabunda!”

Announcing the Blog Hop Celebration of Floribunda!

Mark your calendars! June 7-16 2018 I will host a Blog Hop Celebration of Florabunda! It’s my new fabric line. Together with RJR Fabrics and Quilty Box, who have donated awesome swag for give-away, I have gathered several friends, artists and quilt makers, whose work I admire. I asked them to make items like baby quilts,Continue reading “Announcing the Blog Hop Celebration of Floribunda!”

Round Up: Playful Fabric Printing Blog Hop

As you know, Carol and I are hosting a blog hop to celebrate the release of our book, Playful Fabric Printing. Today’s post is a Round Up of each participant on the hop, with stories of how we met, why we chose each person to participate with links to their websites and social media hubs. I highlight fourContinue reading “Round Up: Playful Fabric Printing Blog Hop”