Kathy York and Florabunda!

I am quite taken by Kathy York‘s work. She has the ability to make me gasp with her use of color. Her reach extends from technical, with beautifully pieced and quilted modern quilts, to a sometimes painterly and often graphic appeal in her art quilts. Check out her FB and Insta.

In this baby quilt, Kathy used the blue range of fabrics in Florabunda! As we quilters do, she added some white, which allows visual relief as well as pop and sparkle. This pleasing baby quilt was hand quilted too.

Check out Kathy’s post about Florabunda! here.

ALSO!! Check out RJR Fabrics Instagram page today and each day this week, as this is the first day of the Florabunda! Blog Hop Celebration GIVEAWAY!! One Fat Quarter bundle per day (except Friday, when RJR Fabrics is doing their very popular, What Color Are You? event!)

And as a reminder, here are all the participants in the hop:

June 7–Tiffany Hayes

June 8–Deborah Boschert

June 9–Sara Mika

June 10–Lyric Kinard

*June 11–Kathy York 

June 11–Teri Lucas

*June 12Susan Brubaker Knapp  

June 12 Leslie Tucker Jenison 

*June 13—Tiffany Hayes 

June 13Jamie Fingal 

June 14–Debby Brown 

*June 14–Heidi Kelly 

June 15– David Gilleland 

June 15—Melanie Testa
June 16–Melanie Testa










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