Gentleman Doll

Gentleman Doll is a mask makers YouTube channel of note! I suggest you check it out and subscribe! Gentleman Doll (PDF)wear glasses sAvailable in multiple sizes DIY Mask Making 

Gentleman Doll sometimes provides PDFs for print out, and in the case of the mask you see here, the PDF can be found in the description of the above linked YouTube video.

Their videos are visual, without words or voice over. Gentleman Doll does not center themself in the camera’s field of vision. But, their backlog of patterns and videos is extensive. The patterns are easy to understand, well thought out and fairly easy to execute.

Gentleman Doll uses centimeters, so I have obtained two new rulers to accommodate my explorations with this mask maker  

These mask have a nose wire sewn into the arch of the nose. I am sewing all sizes for my Etsy and for local give away.

This mask goes great with Carrie Bloomston’s Newspaper fabric too! 

I think the most interesting part about making this mask is the origami like folding that transforms the almost rectangular flat piece of sewn fabric into the 3D cup like shape. 

I highly suggest you check your printer settings prior to printing the pdf out! I learned the hard way that my printer was set to print at 87%. You will want to print the pdf off at 100%. 

The PDF pattern is graded to sizes Small (child), Medium (teen), Large (Adult) and Extra Large (Adult). This is what is called a 3D mask, as it has a cup like shape that fits from nose to chin and across the cheeks. It fits onto the face by way of ear elastic.

Being a visual learner, I respond well to learning from Gentleman Doll by watching their videos. I understand some folks might rather have written words to follow, and if that is the case for you, maybe Gentleman Doll isn’t a good fit for you. But if it is, Gentleman Doll has some great content. This isn’t the only mask by Gentleman Doll that I have made!

I am sold on this YouTube channel and all of the work that Gentleman Doll puts out.

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