To ask is thrilling. To receive…

None of us could have known what it would mean to experience a pandemic, to be asked to ‘shelter in place’, or to wear a mask when leaving home. So many of us have lost our work and income. Some of us are able to work from home, an awesome benefit, if it is possible.

For my part, I went from having a decent job, teaching arts and crafts to middle school kids, to making masks for essential workers and folks who need them. A friend, knowing my predicament, set up a Go Fund Me to help me get paid for making the masks, to help with shipping, packing and getting them into the hands of folks in need. Additionally, I started selling masks through Etsy.

Then, I put a call out for supplies and fabric donations to support these efforts. And you know what? Folks are helping! Folks are enabling me to make masks and give them to those in need!

Look at at all of these supplies!!

Asking for help is hard! It is embarrassing. On the one hand, I want to do this work for free. I want to be a hero who asks nothing of others, but does the thing and gets it done. On the other, I need contribute to my household without placing additional strain on our finances.

I find, asking for help to be a blessing. It contributes to my sense of community and group effort. It reminds me that I am not alone. I am supported, cared for and I know that my efforts and skillsets are valued. And then the verbiage turns to, ‘we’. We are working together to offer masks to local NYC essential workers. 

Because of this, I have had the opportunity to experience my fellow New Yorkers in new and beautiful ways.

Like 2sailingchefs, who works with a local business called Naturally Delicious. Herve, as I have come to know him, received a farm print mask and geez! This print is a perfect pairing for him (click the first link in this paragraph to see Chef in his mask)! Herve went on to purchase masks for his workplace, and you, helped UP his order, with my Buy One, Give One program! We gave three additional masks to this local business.

Thank you for helping me make a difference. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to create goodness. Thank you for allowing me to ask you for help then and providing it. Pins, bias tape makers, sewing machine needles and friendly, caring connection.

Thank you.

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