Bow Tie Quilt

Over the years, I have convinced myself that I am not a quilter so much as a quilt artist, with an emphasis on the art part. I suppose this storyline used to help -perhaps it helped to bolster my identity and projected, intended artistic path. But this idea no longer supports me. In walking this path, I placed barriers between myself and more traditional quilting. I told myself it was too difficult to follow a pattern. I told myself it took too long, I didn’t have the skills, I forgot the skills. I created barriers and closed myself in. And then, I felt constricted. Cut off.

To break down this wall, I turned to Victoria Findlay Wolfe‘s books, which I have been perusing and rereading obsessively. I have also taken some of her one day workshops (and I want to take more), here in NYC. I connect with her ingenious, playful approach to using fabric, the manner that she reinterprets traditional layouts and quilt blocks, and her fearlessness of artistic expression in the medium. And I connect with her teaching style.

I have taken the release of Florabunda! by RJR Fabrics as an opportunity to improve my quilting skill set, dust off my patience, and commit to learning to use the line effectively. Using Victoria’s Bow Tie template, I cut a Fat Quarter bundle of Florabunda! combined with an array of Jamie Fingal’s Hopscotch collection to play around.

Previously, I assumed sewing 1/4 circles would be far beyond my skill set. But, it isn’t. This is a methodical task, requiring three pins and Victoria’s motto of, “Floppy Toppy” as a reminder to sewing curved success. I look forward to seeing how this quilt top comes together. And I remind myself not to create impediments to enjoying all aspects of my own creative expression behind the sewing machine.



5 thoughts on “Bow Tie Quilt

  1. ❤ Its lovely. Just about the only quilting class I ever took was a lady who does abstract pieces with tons of curves. 🙂 I no longer fear the curve.
    Samala Ray


  2. I just read Judy Coates Perez’s post about challenging herself and then land here to see you doing the same. 🙂 I absolutely love your new line of fabrics. It really speaks to me and the colors are gorgeous. Bow tie quilts hold a special place in my heart. My Great Grandmother, that I never met, was a quilter. I use her thimble every day and have some of her quilt blocks. She made my Mom a doll quilt in the bow tie pattern. Mom then used it for my baby quilt. I have it now and I just see love when I look at it. Love you and what you are creating! (So far no one carries your line here, but I have requested it.)


  3. Such true wisdom! Yep, I’ve been there and to some degree safe zones do have some virtue. The thing is not to get too comfortable in that zone. When I feared free motion quilting, I only learned it when NOT doing it became more uncomfortable then doing it! —if that makes any sense! However my safe zones made me feel confident and always welcomed me home at the end of the day when learning and practicing became exhausting. With baby steps
    and continued practice I became more comfortable with using free motion techniques in my art quilts. As my comfort grew, my stress diminished! Free motion quilting for me is not mastering intricate shapes, it’s simply an added skill set to incorporate into my art. In the end I don’t think we have to try everything —some things might not be worth our efforts. We must however rise above our fears when a technique makes our heart flutter, but we feel inferior —the I can’t do that syndrome! In teaching my classes I never try to sell people on having to learn my methods or techniques, instead aim to inspire people who are inspired by my work but lack the confidence to try it.
    I turn non believers into believers —helping people to become happy with their creations. Hugs to you as you move forward in your stitching journey❤️


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