Florabunda! by RJR Fabrics

I am so happy to say, Florabunda by RJR Fabrics, my latest fabric line, is available and on the market! And boy, would I like to entice you to buy it, use it and stash it!

Like so many of you, I have fallen in love with all things Victoria Findlay Wolfe. I’ve bought every one of her books. And now, I delve deeply into sewing projects from her latest, Modern Quilt Magic. I think Florabunda! is a lovely way to explore the ideas presented in Modern Quilt Magic!

It’s pretty amazing how well Florabunda! goes with Darling Dots by Flaurie and Fitch. It seems to me, they were made for one another. So, I bought a Cascade template from VFW and paired a fat quarter bundle of each of these two lines, in order to make my own Cascade Quilt. 

You might assume that because this quilt top has curved seams it would be difficult to make. It isn’t! It is ingeniously easy to sew, especially with the instructions that Victoria provides in her book. (Go buy it.) You will quickly understand just how easy it is! And the delightful thing is, Florabunda! really gradates nicely in this design.

The other nice thing about this quilt top, is that you don’t need a design wall to do it. I designed and sewed just one segment at a time. using the floor of my tiny apartment, to help.

I will continue to update this this blog with progress on this top, so please keep stopping by!! And as always, #quiltwithlove









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