Lace Swirl quilt complete!

Here is my first entirely hand printed quilt top using my Melly Marks Lace Swirl Kit! I am loving it, I love the movement of the zig-zag half square triangles, the gradation of colors, the simplicity too. 

Later in the process of making the quilt top, I nabbed a few handprints created using Swirl Vine Kit to fill out the pattern and make a few more blocks. You can see these above. I just needed specific colors and a few more pieces of fabric, and these were quickly available.

One thing that I have totally fallen in love with because of this quilt is printing on Cotton Sateen. The peach pink at left is an example of this, though it is quite difficult to photograph the subtle visual difference and in blog post, it is impossible to illustrate how soft this fabric is. I printed just a few pieces of the cotton sateen, I don’t have much on hand, but wanted to use it anyway and think it a success. Having even a few pieces of this cloth in the mix livens up the top tremendously, lending a subtle sheen and a soft touch. 

I tried to stay within an analogous area of the color triangle, from purple, reds and yellows. I printed a total of 34 Lace Swirl Prints and 54 Chevrons. This means I printed about 5 yards of cloth! From start to finish, this quilt was printed, steamed, washed, cut, pieced, basted, machine quilted and bound in one months time! Wow. Pretty snazzy.

5 thoughts on “Lace Swirl quilt complete!

  1. Funny you should include some cotton sateen here. I was just soda soaking some not 10 minutes ago! I love it too, although it is a bit stretchier when piecing than plain weaves. Congrats on going from white to a quilted and bound quilt in a month! That is an accomplishment!


  2. I love this quilt. I love “happy” quilts and this evokes happiness. 🙂 I have been using cotton sateen for a couple of years. I stumbled onto it at JoAnne’s (not PFD, so I have to scour it) and I love it. I also love, love, love voile, but it is too shear. If only they could combine the two. If money was no object, I would use the cotton/silk blend. OMG!!! So soft, and the dye picks up differently on the silk side so you get two fabrics. The cotton is a softer shade than the silk and of course the shimmer of silk makes a difference. What stamp/stencil are you going to use next? Have fun!


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