Wow, a whirlwind.

These last few weeks have been amazing. Hectic crazy, fun, well worth it.


My creative stand still came to an end, thank goodness.

I went to quilt market while visiting my Bestie. I learned a lot.



And the Play Out (click this link to see a sexy, hip commercial for the undies) and Flattopper Pride underwear photoshoot went viral. It started with HuffPo, then it shifted and became a sprinkling of articles, then I started seeing my photograph under Japanese characters, in Norwegian online magazines, BuzzFeed, Mashable, People. I was interviewed for an article in Women’s Health (apologies to my husband, it just popped out.). I don’t know what, ‘in association with the New York Times means but, I think it got very close to being in the New York Times, if not officially in it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 11.08.24 AM

I was able to meet Barbara Rosenblat, the actress who played Ms. Rose in Orange is the New Black, a favorite show of mine. In season two she was in cancer treatment. I won’t tell the story, I just loved the character she played. Rain Dove, the androgynous model I am pictured beside in a few of the ad campaign and on the red carpet event at the New York Women in Film and Television, where I met Ms. Rosenblat.


I was thrilled. I love the above scene. Just love it.

I experienced vile and bullying comments. That wasn’t a treat. But my self esteem is not tied to other people’s opinions of me, so that is that. I am thinking up a post about this, having to do with allowing love in, opening your heart to all body types, breasted, reconstructed, flat, fat, thin and differently abled.

Let me know if you are interested in this.

OH! And, I am printing the border for my next quilt top! Next up, green!! Photos to follow. Let me just say, I want this quilt top done by Saturday, Quilt Guild! I am very excited about it.

And, hey wait!! Brave? Well, yeah. Determined. Willing. Beautiful. Brave is the least of it.


Please comment. I miss you all. It has been a good few weeks and better to get back into the flow of creative living.



6 thoughts on “Wow, a whirlwind.

  1. Is Peach helping you square your quilt? 🙂 I love the cloth you are creating and that you are creating. I can’t tell you how over the moon happy I am for you on both the creative angle and the getting the word out about embracing yourself and your body. It is exciting!!! (I am sure D turned 18 different shades of red. tee-hee!)
    As you know, I am with you 100% on learning to love oneself. Just today there was a minor flare up where I felt guilty about being honest with C about driving. He needed a ride back from the car shop and I can no longer drive on the freeway. He forgot, I felt bad, guilty, angry, sad. All is okay now, but the feelings are still there. One day at a time with a few hiccups along the way.
    I miss you!!! I have been gardening up a storm. Something I haven’t allowed myself to do for over 5 years. It feels good to get my hands in the dirt, to move boulders, to create a patchwork of color where there was just dirt. To see that I don’t have to give up everything I love just yet. Next up, to challenge myself with cloth. The heat is starting, so I need to switch to activities. I am excited. 😀 xoxoxo


  2. I think it’s very important that you are passing on your message that it’s okay to be true to yourself however that may take form. Any one of us could get breast cancer and it’s comforting to know beforehand that there are other options and to know people who have gone forward openly and shown us the road ahead. Thank you.


  3. ” I am thinking up a post about this, having to do with allowing love in, opening your heart to all body types, breasted, reconstructed, flat, fat, thin and differently abled.

    Let me know if you are interested in this.”

    I am VERY interested. I have spent a large part of my adulthood knowing without question that I am not exclusively the person that others see when they look at me.

    I got a tattoo in my thirties as a reminder to myself, every time I look at it, that I am more than the weight I’ve almost always carried.

    I came to realize, through the confidence gained by becoming an artist, that shrinking myself so others wouldn’t feel uncomfortable around me was wasted time and effort that could better go towards improving who I am as a person.

    I began first forgiving- and then later not even noticing- the ugly looks that came my way because my body doesn’t conform to what others would prefer to see.

    I recognized that when someone I don’t even know looks at me and has ugly thoughts, and allows me- a complete stranger- to take up space in their heads with negativity, while I am blithely and happily going about my business, utterly unaware of their existence, I am the one who wins in that equation; sadly, without even knowing or believing it, they have lost.

    I stopped apologizing for daring to breathe and exist in the same space as everyone else.

    I now encourage every woman I meet to realize that the love she may have been seeking all her life is inside herself, if only she could find the courage to depend on it and the confidence to let it shine.

    You go, Melly Mel. Game on.


  4. Hello Melanie,

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your experience in this recent whirlwind. I told you in another comment somewhere that your photos make me smile, and it’s still true. Why? Because you are so comfortable with yourself and you look like you’re having fun just about all the time. So glad you got to have the red-carpet experience with Rain Dove. Isn’t life just a cabaret of the best type?

    This path is just beginning to unfold. Enjoy!

    Much love to someone I hope to meet some day,

    Lorna Joy


  5. Why do people need to hate? I saw your pictures around the inter webs and cheered! You and your first book have long been an inspiration to me and I keep visiting here to see if you’ve been up to anything new. Love your printed feathers in your cat’s play toy, sorry I mean your quilt!


  6. Hi Melanie,

    I have never left a comment before but I want to say how much I admire your courage. When I was going through chemo I was scared to even leave the house without a wig. I was afraid of people looking at me with pity I guess.

    Recently I was in New York and went to the city quilter shop and bought some of your wonderful fabric. I haven’t made anything yet, just looking at it makes me happy!




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