Thermofax 101, Screen Printing Made Easy by Lyric Kinard, dvd review


I first met Lyric Kinard at a QATV taping in Ohio. I was immediately taken by her presence and we have remained friends through the years. I own a copy of Lyric’s book, Art+Quilt, which is very detailed with artistic concepts and approaches, and illustrates how these can be applied to work in the quilt medium. When Lyric asked if I might consider reviewing her most recent, self published DVD Workshop called Thermofax 101, Screen Printing made easy, I jumped at the chance. 

I do not own a Thermofax machine, though I wish I did. I am grateful that Lyric maintains a service where you can purchase Thermofax screens and supplies using your own original artwork, or you can purchase a selection of hand picked, royalty free designs. Knowing I would be reviewing Lyric’s newest offering, I went to town creating a few designs to print with, and I bought several screens using my own original designs.

The DVDs and supplies came promptly to my door, I ordered 6 screens, 6 frames, and I chose to mount my own designs after watching the DVD. Everything was packed tidily, no dents, folds or problems.

Now, I am not a total Thermofax newbie. I have bought screens from various friends and services, I have used these screens (to death), and I know the general framework of the process. I have not specialized in the use of Thermofax screens, because I do not own one. Also, and this is an odd one, I have found using Thermofax screens to be a bit of a challenge in terms of how to manage all of the items needed on my small work surface. More on this later.

So, I popped the DVD in my player, sat and watched the 65 minute, 4 chapter video. Lyric did a fantastic job covering each aspect of the technique. Her delivery is well presented, energetic, informed, and engaged. Lyric unpacks the essentials of what you need to know, but she also delivers additional information to help you envision, for example, how to make motifs that speak to one another in a unified manner, she talks about media you might screen-other than paint, and she touches upon using Thermofax screens in mixed media too.  


One of the things I really like is that Lyric shows a foible that she experienced when working with the wrong type of paint for the job. she corrected her mistake and discussed that too. We all make mistakes, it is great to learn how to recover from making artistic mistakes and Lyric is not afraid to discuss this. This is one of the things that makes a great teacher.


The thing that impressed me the most is, Lyric even offered a suggestion as to how to manage the screen, squeegee and paint while working! She discussed an issue that I have, in using screens! I thought I was just being persnickety! But no, this is a concern and Lyric addressed it.


So, yes. I highly recommend Lyric’s newest offering, Thermofax 101. I confidently suggest you purchase your own copy and support my good friend, and, do not hesitate to use her screen making service. Printing with Thermofax is a great way to easily print repeatable imagery on cloth. 


(Here you see, I have used a freezer paper resist over a previously printed floral dot. I am using thickened dye, which is not a focus of Lyric’s DVD. Dye is a love of mine and I have more of it available than I do paint, so I went for it. One of the nice things about dye is that it does not dry into the mesh of the screen, making it easier to clean. )

I am also quite happy to say, Lyric will be giving away one copy of her DVD to my readers. For a chance to win, please comment on this post for your chance to win. I will email the winner on May 13. Lyric will ship overseas too! Please comment.

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31 thoughts on “Thermofax 101, Screen Printing Made Easy by Lyric Kinard, dvd review

  1. After several classes with Lyric, I was excited to get her new dvd It is excellent and the bonus is doing the blog hop to visit many artists’s sites that I might not have seen otherwise.


  2. I took a printing workshop recently and am anxious to do more. I think this dvd would be fantastic inspiration!


  3. I would LOVE to win a copy of Lyric’s DVD! I have some of her screens, including a couple of my own designs, and found them to be very easy to use. Thanks for the great review, Melly!


  4. Gorgeous! Every time I see what can be done with Thermofax screens I think, “I’ve got to get me one of these”! I think it’s time and Lyric’s DVD will be very helpful.


  5. Lyric is a great teacher, and I would love to receive a copy of this DVD. I’ve never used a thermofax screen and have some photos of trees I took that are crying out to be printed. Can you hear them??? LOL
    Thank-you for participating in this give away.


  6. Love Lyric’s style. She is calm, patients and nurturing as a teacher. While I have used screens quite a bit
    it appears that there is still much for me to learn.


  7. No need to put my name in the drawing because I already bought a copy along with some gorgeous screens. The designs Lyric has available are beautiful. I just wanted to say how much I love your cloth! As my roses begin to emerge from their winter’s nap, as each blossom opens, I think about you and how you would interpret the rose bud design. xo


  8. I have Lyric’s workshop with Quilting Arts Magazine and her book, and she’s an excellent teacher, so this DVD would be a very welcome addition! Now I only wish someone a bit closer to home would start making Thermofax screens, because at the moment I find the cost a bit overwhelming, if I want to order more than just the odd screen. These screens have the same effect on me as commercial stamps and stencils: I start fretting about how much I will have to use it in order to justify the expense, and become paralysed. Which is a shame, becuse there is so much creative potential in these screens!


  9. I really like your idea of using thickened dyes. I have only used thermofax screens a few times and found the fabric paint I used just didn’t seem to want to leave completely when I cleaned them. Will give dyes a try. Thanks!


  10. You introduced me to thickened Procion MX dyes at QSDS a couple of years ago, and now I am addicted! I am so enjoying all the different ways you can use them.


  11. Lyric spoke at our Quilter’s Anonymous Quilt Guild in Seattle. A delightful person, presenter and instructor. Her workshop gave me the spurt needed. I would love to have this DVD. BTW, I enjoy your blog as well!


  12. I would love to see Lyric’s video – I’m just learning about screen printing, and her approach sounds like a good fit for me!


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