Gather your Sew-plies, sew where you go.


I am here at 61 Local, or at least that is what I think the name of this place is. It might be Public House 61. I am unsure. It has free wifi, an offering I will be coming to value. You see, I need to get out of the house. I have been a bit of a shut in, and I need to change this storyline. 

Last year, I moved to a new apartment, while writing a book that ended up being canceled. That was a lot of work, that also, by necessity, kept me indoors, in my workspace, making. Although the book was cancelled three months ago, I am still recovering from the loss. I had to put that artwork away until I figure out what to do with it. That left me with a blank canvas, literally. So now, I am picking up the pieces.


This has been a challenging time to be sure. I have not experienced this many creative hits before. I am in a bit of a creative stand still. I put a shout out on Facebook, asking what my fella artists and comrades do when faced with creative quiet. It was an interesting discussion. Many folks said they walk away, apply their focus elsewhere for a while. Others said they try a new media, some take a class. 

At the moment, I have three quilts that need binding, a Meadowlark quilt top in the making, I am working with acrylic paints and I have gathered several handwork projects, where I can use my Gather your Sew-plies! Purses to sew, wherever I go. I am also preparing to print cloth for sale directly off my blog. 

(I am dabbling in everything, it seems).


To help myself along, and to change the scenery, I am going to embrace the change in weather, while sewing wherever I go. My plan is to find coffee shops with free wifi, so I can sew, blog, and see new faces and places. I do love being able to get out of the house, while still being able to do a bit of this and that.

3 thoughts on “Gather your Sew-plies, sew where you go.

  1. Eventually something will catch your attention that will inspire a series. Your idea to get out and about is a good one. Perhaps a trip outside the USA to some exotic locale. But then, that’s my modus operandi. I love the artwork you create that has female figures in them. They are so very graceful and elegant. Looking forward to your next creative spurt. It will come when ready.


  2. The motifs in this sew-plies make my heart happy. I hear you on getting out of the house. I get cabin fever whenever I have to stay home – inside for any length of time (for me it is more than 4 days). I get bitchy, cranky, and generally not a nice person to be around. I try to get outside everyday, but there are days when that isn’t possible. I wonder if we all go through a period, every year, where we are looking for our North Star. I know in the fall, I am bursting with ideas and energy. Then winter comes and by January, I am a slug. I guess I take longer to come out of hibernation. I am trying to force it this year and it isn’t going well. I am lost. I know that I’ll find my way, sooner would be better than later. 🙂 I want to figure out a way to capture the fall energy in the spring. Take care and be happy! xoxo


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