Paint, sand, paint.


I have been feeling creatively stifled, lately. And when I think about what might help move the energy and spark change, painting with acrylics keeps coming up. 


I don’t really ‘know’ how to paint with acrylics, which is good, it means the playing field is wide open and I get to make the rules. When beginning any painting, I just fuss, paint around and lay color down. I have fallen in love with painting thick layers, one atop another, then sand layers away to reveal previous layers and color.


I would say this is a decent and interesting start. To what, I don’t know, but that does not matter. At the same time, it has made me want to play around with the idea while playing with heavy body gel mediums. I appreciate the Sparks that occur when you try things out without expectation. That works for me.

3 thoughts on “Paint, sand, paint.

  1. Melly Mells there is an image of summers in PA surrounded by farms at sunset with all kind of bug flying around. My favorite, the lightening bugs with their tails glowing in the evening light.



  2. I find this technique fascinating. I just watched a short program about a Wooly Mammoth dig going on a few miles from us and the photos of revealing the bones popped into my head when you showed this. You never know what treasured you can find if you dig down a little. It is kind of like discharging a printed panel, but more textural. Have fun, Sunshine!


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