Nothing is black and white

Earlier this week Angelina Jolie wrote her op-ed piece about her decision to have bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction due to a positive test for the BRCA1 gene. I admire Angelina for her bravery and honesty in being open about her choice. I am sorry she needed to make it, of course. But happy that she has offered her talent and power to the cause. If you want to inform yourself about gene mutation, Force is a good place to start. The facility where Angelina had her tests and operation has written a recap of her treatment, which can be helpful as well, I was surprised to see some of the protocol that Angelina received.

I wish that non-reconstruction was acknowledged as an option and I think it is high time that us ‘Flatties’ had an advocate, but I understand that Angelina is doing the best she possibly can and I am ever so grateful that she is as courageous as she is. Here is a decent discussion of the types of reconstruction spurred by Angelina’s decision.


My work with Carol Soderlund continues, I am so glad to have initiated the work. Carol has been opening my mind and perspective on using dye. She has opened up a new approach to applying dye, and has been cleaning up some bad habits that I have accrued over the years. I took Color Mixing 1 from Carol through ProChem years ago. Carol has since begun calling this class The New Color Mixing for Dyers. What I am learning from Carol now uses the book we made together in Color Mixing 1 and expands upon it, and she call this class her Color Mixing for Dyers Part 2. So, I am learning to use the book from Color Mixing 1 to apply the colors I would like to see in my work, and all of the information has begun to ‘click’. Learning is hard work and for a week or so there, I was Ms. Grumpy Pants. Carol’s teaching skills and patience is commendable.

I don’t know why the blog went centered, sorry about the formatting.Yesterday I took a walk, bought a breakfast sandwich and a cookie (for later in the day) and then went out for press pot coffee at my favorite local dive. I have not yet gone there for a beer and sandwich, so far this is a favorite morning coffee joint, but they have great beer and I would like to try it out. Problem is, my Man doesn’t like beer! So, I will look for a gal pal who needs a night out.I really like this piece of street art. I will have to check it out again, I think she is carrying a music mixer. When I see this type street art, art applied with wheat paste, I always want to go back on a rainy day and peel it off and take it home. I find it interesting to have found two wheat pasted pieces of street art within such close proximity. I wonder if there is an insurgence of applied street art right now. I also wish I could find out who the artists are.I would like to create a multicolor print of birds that is stylized, like this dress, photographed through the window of a local boutique, The store isn’t my kinda thing but they do have some great prints right now and I love me some prints. I struggle to get myself to loosen up to the level of this print. It seems my comfort level is realistic looking. But I will push myself past this and try my best to loosen up and get playful. This weekend I plan to make multicolor print patterns during every free moment.  This may be a challenge as it is a long weekend and David’s birthday weekend to boot! However it goes, we will have fun this weekend, it will start with a meet up at Moma in about 2 hours.I continue to read and research ideas related to gender and found this interesting article called Who Owns Gender, which I think is quite interesting. If you have the time or interest in reading it, I would like to hear your thoughts.Deborah Boschert brought this article to my attention and I love it.I am going to respond and communicate through the comments in the blog. I enjoy this, so check back if you want! Now I am off to let the fun begin.

7 thoughts on “Nothing is black and white

  1. Happy Birthday, David!!! Love the birds and the street art. We need to find you a black cat suit so you can go out under the cover of darkness and make street art. 🙂 Got to go, more later. 🙂


  2. Hey! Did D have a wonderful day? I hope so! I am on the wet side of the state. I stopped at Dick Blick on my way and had a fun conversation with one of the artists there. He loves your book. 🙂 He is a watercolorist, and he recommends your book to those who want to start journaling. He likes how it is laid out and easy to incorporate into the various mediums. The articles you shared gave me ample brain fodder for the trip. I keep coming back to why do others think they know best how people should look, behave, think? I wish we could reach a point in this country that celebrates individualism instead of the herd mentality. I am off to clean the cemetery, put out flowers, converse with my Gram and Great Gram (in a spiritual sense) and hopefully record some of the beautiful tombstones. The weather is wet, so rubbings are off the list today. Wishing you a relaxing and fun filled weekend. xoxo


  3. I just read Who Owns Gender and as an old women’s studies major (yes, I grad. college in ’80), it seems we are still chasing our tail sometimes. I wonder why we so often fall into discussions of ‘either/or’ for theories when something like gender is so complex and layered and nuanced. As small a thing as not wearing make up (in the south), which I don’t, is seen as a political act or an affront by so many when it is just me being okay with how my face looks. The choices we make, the physical conditions of our bodies – so much is both externally and internally imposed. When I think about gender, as I have for a long time, I am fascinated and enthralled and intrigued. But the discussion seems to parse and relegate and label instead of enrich and enlighten and acknowledge. I wish I had something more enlightened to add myself.


    1. Liz. I am no expert, I have just entered into these ideas again after a passing interest in my early 20s. As a flat, breast cancer survivor with short hair, I find that other people are quite interested in pinpointing my gender. I have been leered at when I look more male than ‘I am supposed to’, other androgynous women will acknowledge me with a nod, I am sometimes assumed to be gay or lesbian. I find it very interesting because gender is so vague, nuanced, it is really just an idea that we each acknowledge, ignore or become strict about. I have been trying to find a discussion that simply discusses what gender is, how the idea functions or does not function, what role gender plays in society and why. I appreciated the Who Owns Gender article because it discusses ideas and differences in how ideas of gender are being used and played out in both the trans world and the feminist world. I think both parties are getting at the same thing by different means. Trans people are asking the world to accept their needs, choices, differences, by embracing what is a ‘female’ experience and/or a ‘male’ experience and encouraging all to accept we are each our own person with our own take on what it means to be human and gendered. Which, if it works, will open a world of acceptance and open mindedness for all. Feminists want to remove the idea of gender from the human experience and proceed as if we are all human, in need to money, home, food. These are just intellectual ideas, but I do find them interesting.


  4. About the last words my sister said before she died of colon cancer were, ” Marilyn, it really is only about LOVE you know, it is only all about LOVE, every thing else is all nonsense” She was absolutely right , many people get incredible insights just before death and the longer I live the more I realize how right she was. . Instead of being truly grateful for this incredible beautiful and short life we have, we waste so much time arguing points of view and getting ourselves all worked up about nonsense really. We just need to live our lives the best way we can from a gentle, peaceful and loving heart, doing the best we can, just looking at the world around us in all its hideousness and in all its achingly beautiful beauty, with a compassionate and loving heart full of gratitude, acceptance and non judgement in spite of all our differences. People will always make their own choices, they are on their own journey and we need to just let them be and in their own time and stillness , find their own way. All the politics, arguing , my way , your way is, when all is said and done, just nonsense. Lets just have fun, be creative, make love not war and do something nice for someone every day, get out of our little egos and live from the heart. Life is really too short and we take it too much for granted. Thank you, Serafina


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