My week in review

In all available time, I have been printing, batching and steaming. I keep daydreaming new images, but have not yet had time to gather my thoughts.

I came across a how-to make your own citrus cleanser on the web and am trying it out. I soaked orange peel in vinegar for two weeks. I am trying it out, it seems to work just fine, the vinegar is a bit tiring to smell.

Peach continue to beguile us. This little being is a treasure.

Hon~E~Lixr, oh yeah! I purchased this at the farmers market at Union Square, from Tremblay Apiaries. This is the smoothest, yummiest honey I have ever eaten. I make herbal tea and eat this honey on the side!

Got my hair cut again. I love getting my hair cut.

I visited my Dad and Mom this week. We had a great time. I ate ice cream with my Pop, we all took a drive over to Domestic Possessions in Madison Connecticut where my Mom has some of The Captain’s Chest items. My Pop and I made pasta and we chewed down some tasty eggplant and mushroom marinara.

I went to the City of Hope luncheon, where Carmen Marc Valvo was being given an award and had a fashion show. Oh my, it was so much fun to see.

The Park Plaza hotel is very pretty.

Short and sweet!

4 thoughts on “My week in review

  1. Wow! What a fun week you have had! You continue to inspire me with your fabric printing. One of the things I loved about the Clever Guild classes was how once I started looking, inspiration for designs, drawings, stamps, stencils were all around me. That has stuck and the camera is loaded with images that make sense only to me. 🙂
    Are those homemade noodles? Eggplant!!! Swoon!!! C went out with some friends this week and brought me home eggplant parmesan made by an Italian couple here. Oh my! Such goodness in every bite. Eggplants are on the veggie list for the garden.
    The fashion show looks beautiful and the hotel! Wow!!! Talk about gorgeous.
    And then there is Miss Peachy Goodness. Her face is so beautiful. She has a model’s face with those high cheekbones and pointed chin and her ears are so cute. She is like a feline Audrey Hepburn. I see it now, Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Peach!
    Have a happy!


  2. I love that you have a City of Hope luncheon there! I attended one for years in L.A., and it was the highlight of my Autumn! Sounds like you had a great week…


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