American Bittern, thought differently.

American Bittern 13

 A few years back Pat Gaignat taught the Journal Study Gals her Faux Screen Printing technique. I remember feeling overwhelmed and not quite knowing what to do with myself or how to use it. Then I went home and started thinking about it and the technique just bloomed and became something quite interesting and useable. I have been working steadily with The 20 series, and have for the most part, used Pat’s technique step by step. But then, I started wondering how else I might use and expand upon the idea. 

And Oh-My-Goodness, I think I have come up with something very interesting. The American Bittern image, above, can be printed using any of 13 different stamps, and I still have a stamp or two that I want to make for the set. I really look forward to trying the stamps out, and will have time later this week.

And the interesting thing about this is, I can use any of the 13, some of the 13, or all of them. It is as if I can build each  image separately of the last. The image here uses 7 stamps to complete the image, so I have 6 more stamps to add shadow here, a compositional element there. I have to say, this is quite interesting.


 Peach is settling into apartment living quite well. She did go into heat last week, which was interesting. The vet says they spayed her but that it must have failed. I don’t want her to have to have surgery again, but she does need to be spayed. She will go to the vet tomorrow. 


11 thoughts on “American Bittern, thought differently.

    1. Deborah, The American Bittern image in this post is actually 5×7″, I have no idea why I made it bigger and now, I want to make several of The 20 bigger and in this new style.


  1. Wow,Melanie! When you delve into something, you are very meticulous. I’ve been using the same kinds of stamps for years but nothing like you do! I would give up after a few stamps.
    I can’t wait to see the 20.


    1. Holly, I do tend to obsess compulsively, and it seems as if, if it can be detailed, intricate, involved, I am right there.


  2. I remember the late night caterwalling of our Siamese Cat, Tinkerbell, when she was in heat. OH what a joy that was! Glad she is past that.

    I’m LOVING what you are doing with the multistamp bird images you are creating! Makes me want to go buy a ticket to NY so I can come play! Amazing, amazing pieces Melly! Keep up the great work!


  3. Wow! The detail you are achieving with your technique is amazing. I am in awe of your ability to create such small, precise stamps. Miss Peach is so very beautiful. I am so sorry she has to revisit the vet. She looks like she has settled into the apartment very happily. xoxo


  4. I enjoyed Pat Gaignat’s method so much that I took it to my art group for a play day last year. We had a lot of fun with it. I used it to make one of the pet postcards for Pokey’s project at the International festival. But my artwork only had 6 stamps to make it.
    I’m glad Peach is fitting in well. Sorry about her surgery, though. I have to take our 6 month old male for his neutering later this week. I’m already hurting for him. I’ll be glad when it’s past and he is feeling good again.


  5. I picked up a copy of British Country Living for my Aunt’s birthday box and there was an article about Bitterns! I, of course, thought of you. xo


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