Print and Stitch

I am happily sewing away over here, working three Breastplates at a time.

This Breastplate is the biggest of the seven. If I were to decide to wear them, rather than consider them an art object, this would be the one. Each of the Breastplates were made by ‘eye’ they are supposed to be clothing ‘like’. I love the shapes so much, I keep dreaming up new versions, with different cloth. But when I designed this one, I specifically cut it so that it would wrap around the sides of my body and ‘fit’.

I printed it using a stamp bought from Colouricious. This is my first time using these stamps and I must say, OMG. These are wonderful stamps. I now want more.

I am using my hand dyed threads to stitch and embellish the stamped shapes. I am using thread colors that blend nicely but show up well too. Nothing that might conk you over the head, but beautiful, embellished stitch. I printed this Breastplate in an asymmetrical manner, and the printing goes up the left breast.

I am loving each, beautiful, stitch.

4 thoughts on “Print and Stitch

  1. Melly, that is gorgeous! I love the gold on purple and the stitch really accents so nicely. Every time the coloricious newsletter arrives, I am tempted, oh so very tempted. Then they have the themed boxes that are so very nice. Beautiful!


  2. Your breastplates are such a clever idea. For me breastplates are a very religious symbol as well from Ephesians the “breastplate of righteousness”. Such an interesting concept to play with!


  3. Haven’t heard the term “conked” over the head in years…..glad it’s still around.
    LOVE, just love what you’re doing here. This one is particularly lovely and that stamp is luscious!


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