Quiet hum.

I am changing the surface of this Breastplate by stitch, differences in stitch and thread quality as well as scale. This is the first application of stitch that I can see so far. This first application of stitch is hand dyed DMC 6 Strand embroidery floss.

My plan for this Breastplate is large stitch, geometric designs, 6 strands…

As I look at it from here, I wonder if I might use 2 strands in the breast portion, cutting the thread scale down. I think it would create a nice contrast.

Remember I bought that 500 gram cone DMC 6 Strand Embroidery floss, last month. That was money well spent. I may continue to dye threads until I run out of the cone, it won’t be long now. I have been dyeing threads in groups of 48, so my stash is growing exponentially. It is fun to watch, to open the orderly boxes of floss and look at the colors within.


I have my eye on this ebay item. I have not bought much on ebay, never direct from China and I don’t know what to think of this type of purchase. So I keep looking at it. Have any of you bought a similar item?

Right now I have an affection for wooden spinning tops. I went to etsy and found this store. I am in love with these tops. I want every single one and all of the top related items!  

My Mom and I will be going to a craft fair next weekend. I will wait to make a purchase, but that man’s tops are tops!

5 thoughts on “Quiet hum.

  1. You’re feeling better!? The silk looks beautiful, but no experience here to relay. The tops are great – though I thought you were talking about clothing at first! The breast pockets that were ready last week are being sent out this week. And I met a friend of yours at a gallery opening last evening via a Ricë podcast. I sent you a note with her name. Keep feeling better.


  2. That silk floss is tempting, isn’t it? I’ve ordered from England and France with no problem, never China. Love the stitching on the breast plate. I love the tops. My brother is learning to turn wood and he has made some beautiful pens and bowls. I am trying to convince him to make me knitting needles and handles for my crochet hooks. I’ll have to add tops to the list! 🙂 A box of colored floss is as exciting as a bowl of buttons – my kind of candy. xoxo


  3. Hi there Melly Mells. It is I who was at the gallery opening last night and met Kathleen! I heard about the gallery opening from Rice’s blog. The world is getting smaller every day and it is great fun to find some kindred spirits roaming around upon it.

    I am finishing up some breast pockets that should be off to you this week.

    I have made several purchases on eBay from China. Not any embroidery floss or fabrics. DVDs, jewelry, etc. I have had no difficulties. I would suggest using a Visa and Paypal. Both companies have helped me straighten out on line purchases gone bad both here in the USA and in Canada.

    Love and hugs to you. Feel well my friend.


  4. I’ve never ordered from China on eBay but from looking at the their reviews they look legitimate. The silk looks lovely. I bet you’d find someone who has had experience with this type of order if you posted about it on Facebook.

    Your breastplate is looking gorgeous. I’d love to see what it looks like on the back. I bet it is just as pretty!


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