Breast Pockets: A morph

Many people have contacted me and are making pockets to raise awareness for the breast cancer survivors who have decided against reconstructing our bodies! This is fantastic. I would love it if you too, might make a pocket! If I can get 1000 pockets, I will call the reporter I met on Monday and ask her if she will do a story! Please talk about this project on your blog, Facebook, by tweet, on Pinterest, wherever you think you might spread the word.

Just a few words on how I began doing this. I have been working with stitch and embroidery for a few months. At the same time, I am deconstructing and reconstructing the clothing that I own so that I can continue to wear them. Lots of women’s clothing is fitted , darts are used to accommodate the shape of the bust, my wardrobe has a fair amount of fitted garments that no longer hang properly on my frame, so I am taking them apart, removing the darts and putting them back together. When the darts are taken out, the breast pockets need to be temporarily removed and reattached after the dart is removed. I often have at least one set of breast pockets on my work table as a result.

That got me thinking about breast pockets, breast forms, prothesis, bra pockets and (of course) how I could make this into an artistic statement.  

The pockets we will make for the 1000 pocket project are not meant to be useful, they are an artistic statement, a showing of numbers and a way to create awareness that relates to real women and their choices related to the disease. The pockets should be ‘pocket shaped‘, or, as a pockets appear on the blouses in your closet. These pockets can have raw edges, you can fold the seams under as you would if you were going to sew it on a blouse, you can make a “pillow case” style pocket and hide all the raw edges, you can make it out of paper, you can knit pockets, it doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you do it. And please do it in memory or support of someone you know who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and decided against reconstructing their body, it does not matter if she wore breast forms. 

I would like to take the reporter I spoke with on Monday up on her offer to do a story about non-reconstructed breast cancer survivors, can you help a girl out? So far, about 40-50 people have ‘signed on’. Which means we need another 850 people! Let’s make a huge pile of pockets and help the women who decided against reconstruction know, they have your support. 

6 thoughts on “Breast Pockets: A morph

  1. The breast pocket/flap assembly line is in full swing here. 😉 What is sad is that the more I think about it, the more people I remember had breast cancer. Back in the day when my MIL and Aunt were treated, no one talked about it except in hushed tones. I am so glad there is an open discussion today. Women (and men) need to support each other. Have a happy!


  2. I’m planning on making some. I’m in Hong Kong at the moment & don’t have access to my sewing supplies. I’m assuming we can make as many as we can think of for people who have had breast cancer. Like Jeannie, the more I think about it, the more people I remembered who have struggled with this issue – some who have survived & others who unfortunately haven’t.


  3. Melanie, I would like to make some breast pockets for you. I am in Australia, though. Postage may take a few weeks, is that ok? I have my quilt group tomorrow and might be able to interest others as well. I do not know anyone who has had breast cancer, however, my gran died of it many years ago, so it is something in my heart.


  4. Melanie, you are amazing, inspiring and courageous crusader of flatties! I have posted some of my breast pockets on my blog,


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