A wondrous day.


I feel a confessional coming on. 

I feel like I am just about landing in my body and settling into my life right now. The cancer treatments are behind me. I go for my monthly check ups I am getting to know the nurses, it is becoming normal. I am moving into regular old life. I am slower than I used to be, I can’t seem to keep up with my email or blog. Sitting in front of ‘The Computer’ almost feels toxic, I am in the mood to make! 

I bought some yarn and I am going to be knitting this (ravelry link), in this. We are taking a short vacation soon, and I am preparing for the creative time I will have! Sew-plie purse, check, knitting project, check! Some hand sewing too, but I have the goal of finishing the sweater during this time.

I am taking a creative break and challenging myself to try out new ideas. I am dreaming up projects and scenarios, like sewing with thread on buckram out in the wild, Sew-plies purses, walks, exercise. Tomorrow,  my Man and I plan to walk to the Promenade, while there is a chill in the air, then off the Matt Umanov for music supplies… I love to encourage David in musical purchases! Maybe we will go out for lunch.

I want a new power strip with the rocker switch in a particular orientation.

Tonights’ dinner, homemade eggplant sauce oover pasta. Fresh, good, yum.

I am hoping you might get a chuckle at seeing this, Elliot and Alex are snuffling my ears while we wait for a scoop of ice cream at Farmacy

5 thoughts on “A wondrous day.

  1. “I feel like I am just about landing in my body and settling into my life right now.” This brought joy to my heart. I am so happy for you. There are people of both sexes who have not gone on your journey, yet never achieved that feeling. Yeah Melly! Elliot and Alex are adorable! Thanks for the giggle! What fun to be around such energy. I love the sweater pattern. It seems do-able, even to me! (I haven’t moved beyond hats and cowls.) I bought some of the same yarn in Cote D’Azure and Violetta Africana – isn’t that a great name! I know it is fancy for African Violet, but still…… I have looked at your stitched drawing many times since you shared it. I was thinking about birds. I have never really cared for appliqueing birds. It always seemed too heavy for something that soars. But, your thread drawing – hmmm, perhaps some buckram or organza. C’s ancestors came from Holland to Brooklyn before settling in New Jersey. They were master carpenters and owned their own construction company. When we were in the older neighborhoods, I wished that someone had made a map of the homes they had built. Have fun tomorrow!!! I hope your Man finds just that special something that will make him feel that special thrill. Are you perhaps venturing out west? xoxoxo


  2. I didn’t see sketchbook, paint, and drawing tools! Ahem, I thought they were the Carl Malden equivalent of “don’t leave home without it”? GIGGLE!!!


  3. I loved this post! I can understand what you mean about moving back int your body and settling in to your life—I had a similar experience after a car wreck and internal injuries over 20 years ago now…it took years before I really felt that sense of settling back in to my body. And I LOVED the picture of you with Alex and Eliot!!! I hope you keep having that kind of fun!


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