Dream Journal, new online class offering

I am putting the finishing touches on my first on-line journaling class Dream Journals and boy would I like to see you there. We will learn to use watercolors, resists, we’ll draw, paint, play and create journal pages that are richly layered and dynamic. All techniques covered in the class are taught in my book, Dreaming from the Journal Page, but that isn’t a required purchase. I do hope you might though!  The class stands alone, but also compliments and expands upon what is contained in the pages of the book. And beside that, we will be working in community with one another, helping and encouraging one another as we go.

The daffodil above, is an example of dry on dry watercolor painting, which is covered in two long videos (so far there are over 12 videos in all, more to come). Arrow to the left demonstrates the use of frisket as a resist. I will get you layering, building, drawing, painting and making pretty pages, using easily approachable techniques, in no time flat. I will get you drawing with fun and memorable warm up techniques, and if you have ever been heard to say, “I can’t draw”, you’ll prove yourself wrong.

And in order to get the word out about this new class offering, I would like to give away at least one spot in the class. 

Here is how it works:

1. Simply comment on this post to put your name in the hat.

2. To double your chances of winning, link to this post on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, or your favorite social networking site. BUT, you will need to come back here and leave a second comment with a link to your post, for a total of two comments in your name. You are responsible for this (please don’t link to me on Facebook, as I won’t be able to keep track of that, the comments here are the easiest way from me to keep it simple) .

So please help me get the word out, will you? I will announce a winner one week from today, July 10, so please check back. Thanks a bunch.

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  1. http://Sandy says

    Hey Melanie…… thank you for offering this give-a way! I have Inspired to Quilt and love it. This online class sounds amazing. I am going to go share on my Facebook too(my link is https://www.facebook.com/sandy.meegan.
    Crossing my fingers!!!!

  2. http://Marianne%20Zebedee says

    Being a part of your class would mean blessings of abundance! Pick Me! Marianne Zebedee

  3. Would love to win this!

  4. Ooooh ooooh ooooh! Waving hand wildly from the upper reaches of the northeast! I’ve got your book at the top of my “to DO NOW” before summer and the year evaporate pile….. would love to be in the class, too…..Cheers, Sarah ann Smith

  5. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity!

  6. Looks like lots of fun. Loved to play

  7. Ooh– I’d love to win this!

  8. http://Allison says

    I’ve been a faithful follower of your for years. I’d love to learn some of your techniques. Thanks so much!

  9. http://Mary%20J says

    The class sounds awesome. i would love to win!!!!!!!

  10. http://Mary%20J says

    i would love to win this!! Sounds fabulous1

  11. Hi Mel. I sure would love to take a class with you. Looking forward to ordering your book. 🙂

  12. Ohhhh, I’d love to take this on-line class with you! I always say I can’t draw a stick figure, but am so enamored of your artwork, I know I’d learn a lot from you. (Keeping fingers, toes, and eyes crossed.) ;^)

  13. http://Dana says

    Love your book Melanie! the thought of having videos to go with the lessons… WOW! Thanks for generously giving us a chance at a space!

  14. You can tell I reeeeally want to win this class, ’cause here’s my second Comment, with link:

  15. http://Kristin%20McNamara%20Freeman says

    Melly…Your class is in my September budget – what a thrill it would be to win the opportunity to take it! Your book is full of wonderful ideas and I look forward to exploring them with y o as my mentor/teacher.

  16. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! I would love to win and finally get myself moving forward with drawing and journaling.

  17. I shared your page on FB!

  18. http://Rita%20Cruz says

    It would be awesome to win this class.

  19. http://Smush says

    Gorgeous! I can’t wait to get some playing time in! (Before my brain turns to mush from stress!)

  20. I’m loving your Dreaming book. How fun it would be to take your class as well!

  21. Such a great opportunity!!! I have really enjoyed your book!!

  22. “Layering, building, drawing, painting and making pretty pages”–this sounds like BIG FUN and just what I need! I’ll post a link on FB.

  23. I’m spreading the message: https://www.facebook.com/oliviacaroljonesmorrissey
    Good luck to everyone (okay, especially to me–ha)!

  24. http://Karen%20Wilson says

    I can hardly wait till the class starts. I love, love, love your book. The class can only add goodness. Karen

  25. http://Amy says

    I am a fiber artist ,painter and quilter and I would love to try your online class!

  26. http://Pam says

    Oh boy would I like to take this class and have your book in my greedy little hands!

  27. This class sounds so awesome! I would so love to be able to take it. I even have your book already 🙂

  28. I have the book and the supplies. I need the inspiration and the kick in the pants.

  29. http://Cheryl%20Johnson says

    I’m in. I have the first book and this would be lots of fun.

  30. I know your class will be amazing because your book is! I left a comment on my FB page, and I will tweet it as well! http://www.facebook.com/leslie.jenison

  31. I would love to take your class!

  32. Thanks for this oppty, Melly. I have your book already, just don’t know where to begin because *I can’t draw*! So I’d love to be in your class.

  33. Wow, that would be a wonderfull oportunity! I’d love to be in that class

  34. http://Lori says

    Thank you for considering a place for one of us in your class.

  35. http://Rebecca says

    Hi Melanie

    have your book would so love to win a place in your class

  36. It looks all so inspiring! So I take a chance.

  37. I love the book Melanie and can only imaging how great the class would be. I’ve FB’d about it as well. Thanks for this fun chance. http://www.facebook.com/TerriStegmiller

  38. http://Emie says

    Would love to win a spot in your class!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!
    Also… link to Pinterest….. http://pinterest.com/pin/140948663308484879/

  39. http://upstatelisa says

    Oh I would love a spot in your class!

  40. http://upstatelisa says

    Just posted your offer on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/lisa.b.filion

  41. I’ve never participated in an oline class before – but this one sounds really tempting!

  42. Your book is gorgeous and your class sure to be wonderful.

  43. I just posted your link in facebook – it’s German, but I figure there’s no harm done spreading the word in Germany, too!

  44. Really looks like fun!

  45. http://Kristin%20L says

    I have yet to try an online class, and I think yours would be a fantastic place to start. My sketchbook could use some love too, so I’d be a happy camper with this opportunity.

  46. Here’s the link I think! Internet confuses me…but I try.


  47. Would love to take Melanie’s class!

  48. http://Lois says

    I would love love love to win ! Thank you for the opportunity

  49. http://Kristin%20McNamara%20Freeman says

    Mellie…I just posted a comment on Facebook: Kristin Anne Freeman Thanks Mellie! I would love to win a class with you, that’s for sure.
    2 seconds ago ·

  50. http://Marianne%20Zebedee says

    What a cool opportunity to study with a friend. There is nothing better that immersing in art and traveling to worlds undiscovered.

  51. I would LOVE to do a workshop with you. So inspiring!

  52. Here’s the link to my blog post! http://b-joyful.blogspot.com/2012/07/summer-dreamin-new-class.html

    Whether I win or not, I’m happy to spread the word! Your work and your spirit are inspirational.
    Thanks for this chance! 😀

  53. http://Gabriela%20Dondisch says

    Congrats Melly!!! Would ❤❤❤❤ to take this class

  54. http://Ellen%20Guy says

    thanks for this opportunity. love your work and your books!!

  55. http://Miriam says

    Oh!!! I’ve been waiting for this class! I love your book!!! Thanks Melanie!

  56. http://Jennifer%20Elliott says

    Love your stencil class…fingers and toes crossed I get to win this class 🙂

  57. http://Brigitte%20Haydel says

    Looks like a very interesting class. Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. This sounds very interesting indeed!

  59. I would love to win a spot in your class!

  60. Hello Melanie! It would be a dream come true to win a place in your workshop! You are the most inspiring artist and person.
    I will link to this site on my blog!

  61. Hello again! I have linked to your on-line course and to your book!
    Visit my website her to see: http://miannsartjournal.blogspot.no/2012/07/win-workshop-with-melanie-testa.html

  62. http://Mary%20cannizzaro says

    I’ve always admired your journaling, but don’t feel i’ve got much artistic ability….would love to take the class, but could you give me an idea of the level of talent needed?

  63. Hi, I would like to win this class, it should be a lot of fun.

  64. Hi Mellie!! I’d love to win that class. It might force me to take a break from work!! Thanks for the chance!!

  65. http://Barbara says

    wow, I am in some great company here, trying to get your class !

  66. I posted a link on Facebook. Good luck to all

  67. This looks awesome. Good luck to all!!!!

  68. http://Meg%20Cupman says

    I would love to win this class with you. I’m retiring soon so I will finally have the chance to play, play, play! My copy of your book hasn’t arrived yet but I can’t wait to see it!

  69. http://Meg%20Cupman says

    I shared your post on Facebook. I’m happy to get the word out about what I am sure is a fantastic class.

  70. http://Ayda says

    Hi Melanie,
    Would really love to convert myself from ‘can’t-draw’ to ‘can-draw’ in your class.
    Looking forward to the lucky opportunity! Thanks.

  71. http://Kath%20Walls says

    would love to learn watercolour techniques – wonderful pages shown here.

  72. http://Kath%20Walls says

    I’ve spread the word on my Fbk page – https://www.facebook.com/kath.walls

  73. http://Gabriela%20Dondisch%20Domville says

    Posted on my FB,.. Hope u get more students 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/pages/G-Domville/171899276249800
    xoxo Gaby

  74. This sounds like so much fun! I’ll definitely be sharing with other artists that I know!

  75. Posted a link on Facebook calling all artists and those who would like to get started in watercolor!

  76. http://Christina%20Stylianides says

    What a fabulous opportunity. However, I’d like to vote Kath Walls for the place as I know she’d love this.

  77. I will be there in the front row, book in hand, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

  78. And I blogged about the class too! Well, I would have anyway, of course. I’m excited. 🙂

  79. Memememememe…ha! Pick me! Seriously, thanks for the chance! I would love to take your class! Stay cool in this heat!

  80. I would love to take this class–I’m hoping to release my creativity, and although it seems counterintuitive, I could use some guidance! With 2 kids 5 and under, some days I just need someone elseo to help me with a little push.

  81. http://Mary%20Dean%20Carter says

    Thank you. I’d love to win.

  82. http://Pat%20Ryan says

    Melly, I need this class to get me going.

  83. What an honor it would be to take a class with Melly Testa! I’m looking into signing up now.
    Love your work Mel, and the inspiration you are to all!

  84. http://susan%20hartl says

    Wow, your class looks wonderful. I could use something like this. Will post it and share on Facebook and Pinterest, but I am not sure I will be able to show you with a link. But I will try.

  85. http://susan%20hartl says


    Here it is on Pinterest. Will post on Facebook too.

    • the book is on my list and I would love to have a spot in your new class. thanks for giving so much of your time.

  86. I’d LOVE to win a place in your class!

  87. And here’s my Pinterest link! http://pinterest.com/pin/149392912609838652/

  88. http://Nadine says

    Wow! This will be so much fun– I’m really, really excited. Ok, I do get excited easily, but to learn more techniques like those in “Dreaming from the Journal Page”? Woot!!!

  89. http://Nadine says

    I pinned your Swans to my “Amazing Artists” Pinterest Board. Here’s the link for you: http://pinterest.com/pin/178666310187722043/

  90. http://Jennifer%20West says

    Man! I would LOVE to win this giveaway. I have the book and it is my favorite thing I’ve purchased all year!

  91. http://Jennifer%20West says

    Here’s the link to my fb page!


  92. http://Jennifer%20West says

    And another to my pinterest:


    WOW! I would just love to win. Am jealous already of the winner!

  93. http://Meg%20Rogers says

    I really, really hope I win – thanks, Melanie! I have your book and I took your on-line classes with Joggles. I’m really looking forward to another class with you!

  94. http://Meg%20Rogers says

    I’ve added your link to my facebook page. Thanks Mellie!

  95. http://Teresa says

    I just bought you book from Amazon – I can’t wait for it to arrive. Lovely site, and your course looks interesting as well.

  96. Hi Melanie, I have been following your work from the beginning of Quilting Arts. You have proven to be a remarkable woman. I would love to win a spot on your workshop and if not, I will try and take the class anyway. Take care. alena

  97. http://Mary%20E says

    I have always loved your work, and would be so pumped to win your online class!!!!

  98. http://Stephanie says

    Looking for a new direction 🙂

  99. I would love to take this class-the previous online class I took from you, I still look back at my notes. You are appreciated! It was a great class and I use my hand dyed floss at night ,hand stitching slowly away to relax.

  100. Looks like a great class, Melanie! I’m reading Inspired to Quilt right now, and thoroughly enjoying it 🙂

  101. http://Gaynor%20Hodder says

    I’ve asked for your book for my birthday and to be able to do the online class as well would be the ‘icing on the cake’. Thanks for your generosity in offering this.

  102. How exciting! I’d love to take your class, taking it for free would be wonderful too, thanks for the chance.

  103. I hope I did the Pinterest post right 0-O
    Here’s the link (I think!) http://pinterest.com/pin/44402746296830140/

  104. http://Laura%20Gamaleri says

    It would be wonderful to take your class. I’ve already your book!

  105. http://Marilyn%20WK says

    Hey Melanie, what a cool class this will be! If I don’t join the first round, I’ll try to do it later. For some reason, I feel like doing fiber stuff while I’m doing chemo. Go figure. The book looks FAB!!!!

  106. http://Kellie says

    I have wanted to start a journal for years but never quite took the plunge. I’m ready!

  107. http://Erin says

    Sounds like a fabulous class and a wonderful prize. Thank you for this opportunity.

  108. http://Suzan says

    My copy of Dreaming From The journal page arrived today. What a great book. I am going to work through it page by wonderful page! The online class will be fabulous.

  109. http://Rachel%20Parris says

    I would so love to be in your class!

  110. http://Judy says

    I would so love to win! I just received your book in the mail but haven’t taken the time to do my “Dreaming”. It would be so much fun to work along with you while reading your book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. http://Kevin%20Womack says

    Winning this class would give me the jumpstart I need to do more journaling!

  112. glad I saw the facebook post to remind me to enter for the class!

  113. Thanks for the opportunity!

  114. I shared your page on my FB;-)

  115. http://Margo says

    I would come out to play with bells on. Sewing bags like crazy around here, didn’t stop at just a bag for my sewplies!

  116. http://morningglorious.wordpress.com/?ref=spelling

    Love you! I am sending positive vibes out into the universe!

  117. http://Linda%20Hartzig says

    I would love to win a spot in this class …..Love Ya and keeping fingers crossed

  118. Hi Melanie! I would love to win but if not I plan to take a class with you. I need to fill up my sketchbooks.
    Thanks for the chance:)

  119. Sounds wonderful! Congrats on this new book!

  120. http://Holly%20Drummond says

    I have read your book cover to cover. Love your style. I have been wondering how you are doing physically now? Thanks for the opportunity to glean from you. I will be praying for you.

  121. http://Holly%20Drummond says
  122. http://Lisa%20Motta says

    I love the book and would love a spot in class !!

  123. http://Maeve says

    I preordered your book and when I got it, I was so excited! It is AWESOME! I’ve been following you for sometime, through your health ups and downs, etc., and watched your bravery and creativity throughout all. I would so love to win the opportunity to take this course. I know it will be amazing!

  124. http://Kate says

    This looks like another great book from you! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy & possibly take the class!!
    Thank you for doing & sharing.

  125. http://Kate says

    I posted to my FB pg the URL to this page.

  126. http://Bren%20Broussard says

    Hey I’d love to take a class with you! I will share your page on FB too!

  127. http://Fabia says

    I really would like to see you again Melly.. and love to see haw you use Friskies as a resist 😉
    …by th way… I miss you!!!

  128. http://Fabia says

    I was looking for another chance… Link this on FB

  129. http://Kaylene%20Maalste says

    Oh I am I too late, I would love to take your class and as I live in a small country town, on-line is ideal. I have always wanted to be able to make a journal, but always seem to be impaired by lack of knowledge and tuition. Cheers

  130. Hi Melanie,
    Would love to win a spot in this online class since I am absolutely hooked on art journaling. Thank you for this give-away! Your book is on my wishlist with Amazon 🙂
    Cheers, Angelika

  131. Oh, fabulous idea to have an online class based on your book. I LOVE your book. I’m probably too late though to enter the drawing 🙁