I am back!

I came home from Quilting by the Lake tired but Energized. I have three different Sew-plies purses going at the same time, this is just one. I made the Yellow/Red/ Brown/Pink cloth with the Eye-Love graffiti symbol, while I was away last week and now, feel the need to use it quickly.

I also rearranged my sewing area and really like the new configuration, it is much more usable now. Though it does make me want to rearrange the art on the wall. Funny how things spiral like that. It will be good to rearrange. Perhaps Saturday. I think a studio update is in order, don’t you? It is quite different than the last time I blogged about it.

QBL 2012 was great. The greatest women took my class. They were all open, willing, attentive to instruction and chat and they seemed to soak information up.  I mean look at all those smiles. Yeah, they are giving me devil horns, but who would expect less? For more photos check Facebook.

QBL has an auction to raise monies for its scholarship program. They ask each teacher to make an apron. I soaked mine in soda ash and began working on it in class. My students gathered round, they watched me print this. I used freezer paper cut outs of their hands. I asked for both right and left and they gave them, sometimes with wrists,  sometimes cut to the palm. Interesting. They watched me juxtapose my letters and they never said a thing. I mean, I don’t know if the typo set a malaise on the class or what. I pinned it to the wall and kept looking at it. 

While the class was in session a tour bus comes on thursday and three groups are walked through each studio and you talk your class up and invite them to ask questions about you or your art approach, it is like, ‘a few minutes in the studio with Melly’. One of the nice tour ladies pointed out my mistake.

You know me, I am thinking, ‘why didn’t anyone tell me!’ I fret. I want a new apron, I want to do it over. I briefly thought of asking Lindsey for a new one. And then I cut an arrow stamp, and I fixed it. Just like I kept telling my students to do all week, to push an idea, to try something new.

It raised a goodly amount of money too. That was a fun event.

3 thoughts on “I am back!

  1. I love the class photo. The big grins says volumes about how the class went. The apron is wonderful! I can imagine that it was a hot item in the auction. I know if I had been there, it would have come home with me. LOL! Love, love, love the new sew-plies in progress. I keep waiting for the eye heart grafitti to talk. It looks like it could! xoxo


  2. ohhh thanks for the glimpse into your class – love the apron and I’m sure the scholarship fund was blessed by it! And remember a famous QBL saying – “Its not a mistake. . . . its a design decision” Still I’m surprised my QBL Mom, Gilda didn’t point it out – she never let me get away with anything LOL!!


  3. Years ago my next door neighbor, who was an accomplished watercolorist, did a large painting in response to a student of hers who was admittedly copying her style and subject matter and selling it as her own. Needless to say, she was very engrossed in the piece and as she was finishing it up, she showed it to me. Imagine my horror when I saw the title she had painted across the top as a headline which read “Artist Takes Creative Liscense”. I quietly went home and looked in every dictionary I could find (this was before Google if you can imagine!) trying to find someplace that spelled “license” with an extra ‘s’. No luck. I crawled back to her with the news because I couldn’t let her show it like that and she was devastated. What to do now? The painting was done and a show was coming up. We ended up underlining the ‘s’ so it looked like she took license with the spelling as well as the work. It went on to win some prizes and has always been my favorite painting. Your arrow will be the favorite part of that apron


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