Kass Hall’s Zentangle Untangled

Kass Hall just came out with Zentangle Untangled and I have to say, her book made me understand Zentangles. They really are inspirational and ever so meditative. For me, drawing is meditative, but to do it purposely to that end is a very healing thing indeed. For this fact alone I recommend Kass’s book, but I recommend it for many other reasons as well.

I like Kass. We began talking last year before her book was released and we share an experience of using art to heal the self through cancer treatment. Kass is another strong woman, so I honor her for just this reason alone, as if I need a reason!  😀

We caught up on Skype last night and then continued the conversation through email. Where she said, 

‘Personally, Zentangle has been very therapeutic for me and has helped me a lot through my cancer last year and prior to that. Having that to focus on (and be so portable) has been a real benefit to my coping with illness. I find I really am able to zone out from the world and even my own thoughts when I am drawing – sometimes I haven’t even noticed the phone ringing!’

I couldn’t agree more. I used writing Dreaming from the Journal Page as a catalyst to get me through treatment. It helped me to switch my doctors appointments into interruptions from writing, so that writing, making art, drawing, painting pages, was the goal. Going to doctors appointments were needed but not the all consuming goal it could have been had the universe not given me a contract during the same week as being given a major diagnosis. Kass found out she had her 4th bout of cancer 6 weeks before her book deadline. And she traversed those waters with grace and gave us a fabulous text in spite of and because of her experience.


Zentangle Untangled: Inspiration and Prompts for Meditative Drawing is a great book. If you would like to begin using art as a means to heal, as a balm for the frenetic energy of our crazy fast world, this book is for you. 

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17 thoughts on “Kass Hall’s Zentangle Untangled

  1. thank you for your post today – it’s good for me to hear your personal story, also kass’s. i was not aware. i hear all the stories how zentangle has helped so many people. i am using it just to enjoy, but i know it will be my lifeline if i need it to be.

    i have your book Dreaming From the Journal Page. i haven’t started reading it yet, but i have been enjoying the pictures – truly, sometimes i learn more from the pictures in life anyway – but i do plan to sit down with it soon and read through it and enjoy it page by page. i bought it mainly because of the step by step instructions you give for the various techniques. broken down so i can understand and follow easily. so thanks for that! i had no idea i would ever be able to speak directly with the author – happy surprise 🙂


  2. I enjoyed Kass’ webinar yesterday on her fabulous book Zentangle Untangled. It is a great book, even for a CZT. I am passionate about Zentangle and have enjoyed teaching for several years (I went to class #3). I also visit a Cancer Center with my pet therapy dog and have always wanted to figure out how to share Zentangle with those going through treatment. I teach classes at the hospital, but rarely have patients who are undergoing cancer treatment. Visiting each patient, showing them a pattern is just not the same and would be very time consuming. Melanie or Kass — do you have any suggestions for sharing Zentangle with those who are getting treatment? I know it would be wonderful for many of them, and have struggled with how to provide the instruction, without them taking a two hour class.

    Thank you both for sharing how Zentangle helped you through your healing journey.


  3. A copy of Kass’ book was in my last book order and I couldn’t agree more with all that has been said about the book. It was your Stencil Magic class that opened my eyes to the healing power of drawing (thank you, again). When I read about Kass a while ago, I started following her blog and yesterday I listened to her Webinar. Fun, fun lady!!! Her book is fabulous! Thanks for introducing me to Kass’ work and book. xoxo


  4. Thank you for your personal story about why Zentangle is important to you! I’ve enjoyed this blog hopping while learning bout this new book. I am finding Zentangle blogs that I didn’t know about before!!


  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork, and your personal experience with writing and zentangle. One thing I’ve found about this kind of art is that it is a personal means of expression, something you do for yourself, and yet each piece is meaningful to so many! We truly find the commonality between us all by reaching inside ourselves.


  6. Thank you for sharing your story. Tangling is more than just an art form. You could say..tangling untangles the mind.


  7. What an inspirational story from both of you!! Thank you so much for sharing. I am new to this art form but completely agree that zentangle has healing powers. I keep trying to get myself to the “zone” more quickly but it’s a challenge..,.very crowded in my head! LOL. I’m sure this book will help the process.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Sue Brailey


  8. I have also found zentangle therapuetic. I was going through a rough patch last year (nowhere near as bad as yourself or Kass) and I found zentangles in my art journal was wonderful. It kept me focused on something other than my troubles. Thankyou.


  9. fascinating how the process just unfolds when pen and paper are handy…the subconscious doing it’s thing–working it out. Thanks for this post.


  10. Of all the other blogs I’ve visited you told a story that is as inspiring as the Zentangle Untangled book and her webinar. I know a local priests wife who used Zentangle to help her meditate and quiet her mind during her husbands brain tumor surgery and recovery. This art is very theriputic. Good thoughts and prayers for your continued remission.
    VT in Texas


  11. First of all i just wanted to say i totally am in love with your book “Dreaming from the Journal Page”.really great ideas and beautiful art. I started art journaling a year ago when I became fully disabled. Art is the only thing that keeps me sane and helps with that “why me?” Syndrome. . I intermingle Zentangle with my “Doodles Unleashed” art and the mixture is fun and beautiful. This fun way of creating has been so therapeutic for me. I look forward to opening up my Sketchbook every day to create and love life!


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