Boy am I having fun over here. This purse is coming out really well. I want one for every occasion, I want to wear this or one like it everyday. My next creative path has opened up to me and this feels like a very formative and expansive time creatively. Last fall, I stood with Deborah Boschert in a great hall in Houston looking at embroidery work. I wish I could find my notes because there were two people’s work that really stood out to me and I can’t remember their names.

I kept walking the halls looking at quilts and artwork and thinking, what will I do next. How will I move into art making post cancer? Do I want to use dye? 

I think I will still be using dye. But my focus is changing and I like where it is headed.

3 thoughts on “Making!

  1. Perhaps we could form the Morphology League. If someone had told me 2 years ago that I would be drawing with abandon in a pristine Moleskin, I would have thought they really didn’t know me. I know dream about design, how to fix an area that bugged me at bedtime, I get up wanting to grab the pencil before I am totally awake. I can see what I draw in embroidered design or silkscreened onto fabric. The doors have opened and I am looking at a path that has many diversions. Thank you.


  2. That’s what keeps it fresh… our muse throws ideas at us right and left, and we snatch them and play with them like new toys! I’m always doing things with dye, but I’m morphing back into more surface design techniques, and doing more sewing with cloth I am making… there is just so much to try and play with! Thanks for always being such a wonderful inspiration!


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