Today my man and I celebrate his Birthday by going to a Mets game. I, of course, need a project. I have decided to reinterpret the Gather your Sew-plies purse. I am now perfecting and expanding this pattern!

I would love it if you would make one and show me how you put it together.

I pulled this linen and silk out of a bin and they looked so interesting together. It isn’t what I would have thought to be drawn to. I am daydreaming a new neckstrap. I am having fun building.

2 thoughts on “V2

  1. Happy Birthday, D!!!!!!! I hope the Mets win. I am still upset that Mike Piazza isn’t their catcher, but that’s baseball. 😉
    I had to stare at the photo this morning as I drank my coffee. The magpie wanted to play in the sparkly threads – oh so beautiful. I have a new found love of linen. I love its strength, texture, and weave. I have been pondering the sew-plies bag as I plant pretties in the yard. I will work on one this weekend.
    Have a great time at the game and wishing you a fun filled weekend. I’ll have a Samuel Adams in honor of D tonight. 😉


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