Rethinking the button.


So, Sheryl suggested a snap. This idea resonates, because a snap will take up less room inside the pouch. A small snap may be all that is needed. I can try it. For a week and see how it goes, at least right now, no buttonholes have been cut. If the snap is too small, I can change it. If a larger snap is needed, that is an easy fix. I do have an affection for large snaps. But snaps can be hard to open and I don’t want to place undue wear on the bag, so I will start off with a small snap.

Deborah suggested a magnet. I have used magnets specifically for purses, in one of my projects for Bernina. I don’t want my sewing supplies to fall out, so I am hesitant on this one. Perhaps if I go to the fashion district I can pick up a magnet suited to the task.

5 thoughts on “Rethinking the button.

  1. If you prefer to open a very small buttonhole on the bottom, or almost the bottom of the bag, you can add a loop (a cord or a biased cloth) to the top-end of the needle-book, that would go trough that hole, and can be looped around the button on the back.


  2. As I was putting a box of gifted sewing items away, I came across snaps last night and thought of you! I find it interesting that there is a plethora of snaps and hook/eyes to be had at the thrift store. I wonder why?


  3. Hi Melanie, I am currently listening to your Webinar, I am so proud of you. It was really good and informative, however, I could not key into the webinar portion because my computer kept blocking out citrix online.

    I love your book and will be talking about it on my blog. Be well and keep up the good work.


  4. Melanie, I just finished your book today and it is beautiful. I adore your work. With respect to magnets for your bag, I used to own a veterinary hospital and made magnetic name tags for the staff. I still have tons of the magnets. They are approximately 1.5″ x 0.5″ with magnets on one side and a metal piece with adhesive on the other. If you want some, I would be happy to send you a few. I will never use them all.


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