Jelly Roll gives Soul.

We bought a couch. For years we have had chairs, or more recently a sofa and none of them were flat out comfy or inviting. After I was diagnosed I started thinking about the ‘nesting habit’, and I began thinking how very important having a comfortable, let it all hang out, home is. Then I started thinking about what I like in hanging out with my Man. And the bottom line is Snuggle Time. At night we watch rented movies and TV shows and we love nothing better than putting our heads in each others laps and getting strokes and attention as we watch. 

With Jelly Roll peeking.

So when I walked over to a furniture store near us, I had criteria for a smaller couch, one that could be laid-on with a flat surface, one that could take a flop and a nuggle. You know, you see couches in the movies and they look so lush and comfortable. This ‘couch’ is really two chairs-I think it is actually supposed to be a ‘sectional’, we could have bought them in a single color, the delivery guys were quite confused, but why not have a multicolor couch? The pillows are fabulous too, they are sturdy and they act as arm rests that are more comfortable than the back rest pillows. And the open end? Fabulous for a small apartment.

Back of Jelly Roll Quilt showing.

When I gathered up the fabric for my Jelly Roll Quilt, I was super happy that it pulled all the colors in our living room together. This is the first time in my life where I feel like our home matches our intentions. And it is so good to have a throw that ups the Nuggle Ante. I had enough fabrics to piece a back, so our Jelly Roll is two sided, I am not sure which I like better! In less than 3 week, I made the top, sandwiched, quilted and bound this easy and fun quilt. It made me fall in love with quilting again. In fact, I love this brainless project so much, I think we might need another throw. A pile of them.

But, Mom gets one first.

10 thoughts on “Jelly Roll gives Soul.

  1. Melly,

    I love it. Feels like Melly’s home.

    I know what you mean about the”mindless”quilting. I have recently felt the same nudge. Their is a comfort in the repetitive tasks and the end product feels like a big hug. I too am working on a stack of them. I alternate between the art quilting and the traditional pieces. It’s been making me feel happy.

    Thank you for sharing!



  2. You have inspired me to get my sewing machine out of hiding and sew up some throws !! I’ll be moving into a new home soon… need to have some cozy going on !! LOve love !!!!


  3. What a nice color scheme you have attained with the addition of the quilt…it is so grand to finish a project – great going! Thanks Melly for sharing the photos of the finished project in the environment where it will live. You space looks comfy and welcoming.


  4. Your nest looks so inviting! I can visualize you, D, and Arrow nuggled up under the binky – snug as 3 bugs in a rug. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) I too like the back as well as the front of your throw and the sofa looks like it would be comfy for someone to kick back and read a book with a cat pack. I love the black and white rug. What is your window treatment that has that beautiful blue glow? I bet your Mom is excited to get her jelly roll quilt! Have a happy!


  5. I just watched your You Tube video about the little purse and the size of the buttonhole. According to a page on Sew Mama Sew: –the way to measure a buttonhole is as follows:

    “The first thing to do is measure the button, to know how big of a buttonhole you will need. The length of the buttonhole should be the diameter of the button PLUS the thickness of the button PLUS 1/8” for wiggle room.”

    I hope this helps. As pretty as the bag would be with the buttons layered on one another, I think a better solution would be a snap inside–no buttonhole, no buttons.


  6. You described the project as “brainless” but I definitely perceive and receive it as both mindful and spirit-filled. Thank you for the inspiration. I just found you on the Create Mixed Media website!


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