Art Journaling: Exposed

In celebration of the new eMag Art Journaling Exposed, we have decided to have a blog hop and talk up our experience of creating artwork and working with Interweave to present this new and exciting magazine.

I wrote an article for a column called Background Check, because we all need to start somewhere. This article was a lot of fun to work on and the magazine itself is really quite exciting, I love this new medium, the spontineity and link-ablity of it. eMags allow for video embeds, links directly to artist web sites, they are really slick. It’s pretty amazing. The cast of characters who wrote alongside me are great. Please check out all of the links below and get your copy today.

In alphabetical order:

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Traci Bautista

Jane Davenport

Dea Fischer

Jacqueline Newbold

Jennifer Osborn

Joanne Sharpe

Melanie Testa

Diana Trout

To purchase the eMag for your desktop computer, visit

PC download or MAC download.  

And here is the link to purchase the eMag for the iPad on the iTunes Store

And here is the link to purchase the eMag for the iPad on the iTunes Store

5 thoughts on “Art Journaling: Exposed

  1. Purchased my copy and just love all the great inspiration.
    I amtruly amazed at all the artistic abilities that you all have. I must admit, I am in awe of all the talent and I can only dream and wish to have a smidge of your creativity.


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