Sew Along, Podcast and fun.


Female Magazine Blouse


I have been having so much fun sewing. A few of you have said you would join me in a Sew Along. I have been looking for non-Japanese and FREE patterns. 

Dixie DIY is a GREAT web site and she has several patterns to download. Here is the link to the free Nano Iro (Japanese) patterns I mentioned before. Check out this cool, pretty tank style blouse called Sorbetto. And if you feel you need your tank top to have sleeves (huh?), here is the additional sleeve pattern for that blouse. Look at what other people have done in making this blouse. And if you want to go all out and buy a pattern, buy it. I want to choose something simple and I want to surface design some aspect of it because that is my thing. Choose what works for you and lets have some fun.

Ricë and I recorded a podcast on clothing and garments. I think it is a lot of FUN!

Comment and let me know if you are up for a sew along!

13 thoughts on “Sew Along, Podcast and fun.

  1. I’m up for the sew-along! I have a pattern, I have a fabric and I have an idea about how I want to surface design my garment. I listened to the podcast and had a few good laughs about the things you said, e.g. about all the “rules” you think have to be followed – just because your teacher or mother or someone sometime happened to tell you that this is how things should be done. I know I’ve had and still have rules like that, and I try to be aware of them, and not let them inhibit me. Creativity is a lot about getting around or past those rules, isn’t it. And, gosh, you made me interested in a trip to New York. All those shops you mentioned… It sounds like a crafter’s paradise. The bed bugs sound a little scary, though.


  2. I love the hankie blouse and how you did the sleeves in the top photo. Of course, I really loved the pixie in the photos! Off to browse for patterns or draw out one from the book. xoxo


  3. I have been doing so much original work recently that I decided for my first clothing project in a long time I would go with the patterns and techniques of someone else. I’m using a book from Alabama Chanin, and doing their tank dress in jersey knit. All hand sewn. I am gathering my materials now and hope to start applying the surface design next week when my fabric arrives. I will be doing a wet stenciling technique from the book that looks fun and different from anything I’ve done before. Are we going to be posting on a flikr group?


      1. Hi Marsha. I couldn’t find any appropriate fabric locally, and wanting to get off to a good start, I decided to splurge on the AS organic jersey. It came today and I am pumped to get started!


  4. Great job! It’s amazing what you can do once you know how to sew! I love what you made, especially the second blouse. My daughters would love it. This sounds like something I should do. 😀


  5. Forgot to mention that I love your videos. I need to give one a try. I just hate the way my voice sounds when I listen to it on a video. Do I really sound like that? haha Having a hard time getting the podcast to play – hoping it will load and play eventually. I’d love to hear what you have to say.


  6. Hmmmm. I really like the sorbetto pattern. And I have a bunch of Liberty lawn cotton fabrics that I have been looking to do something with(I bought them in 2001 I think). So I’m game!Have to go and listen to the podcast now.


  7. Hi there – your reply to me got stuck in my spam filter. I tried to reply to you but the same thing may have happened on the return journey…?
    Happy to help if I can!


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