Sleuth Work!

Melanie Testa's Sleuth Work


I think I have figured out that I can purchase the pattern online and print them out on paper. I have an acquaintance who speaks and reads Japanese. Now, I don’t want to a pesky, but. I am on a mission with this shirt. It contains surface design possibilities.

Here is a helpful pdf by Batty Chan and this list of translated sewing terms off Karen Boyette‘s site.

Last night I found myself working out the pattern pieces, measuring, checking, cross referencing and I realized something. I have been struggling with the limitations of my circumstance. Having had to take chemotherapy, I found that I was struggling to put sentences together, couldn’t stay focused in reading a single book and was feeling out of control. This type of loss of ability is frightening. But I know that if you try to open new pathways in the brain that activity and compensation will often occur. I think it is funny that I have gravitated to a meticulous, beautifully rendered, form of communication to help me through this portion of my recovery. 

3 thoughts on “Sleuth Work!

  1. Thanks for the links! I really like the blouse pattern and it does have wonderful spaces for surface design. Hormones (or the lack there of) and some medications, also cause brain fog. I keep telling myself to “measure twice, cut once” and I will use post it notes for reminders. This too shall pass, but until it does, multi-tasking is dangerous! Reading is especially difficullt and I find I am frustrated trying to read a novel. Non fiction is easier, because I take notes – it helps to paste important parts in my brain. Most important is to retain your sense of humor – like when I sewed a sleeve in upside down! Hope your day is sunny and full of joy! xo


  2. Hi Melly! So happy to have you back. I almost forgot to come look cause I’ve been so crazy busy staying on top of classes. I have definitely updated my blog link to here, and I’m really looking forward to being back in touch.


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