Falling, it’s not all bad

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Melly (@flat_and_fit) So, I took my first outdoor fall off my skates, I fell twice, actually. I did not hurt myself. I was wearing wrist guards, knee pads and my helmet! All geared up. Yeah, it startled me. It hurt momentarily. I do have a bruise,Continue reading “Falling, it’s not all bad”

Fitness and taking up space

I am loving learning to roller skate. I just love it. I want to, one day, feel totally comfortable, on wheels, as if they are my feet. I want to dance on my skates. I want to street skate. Until now, I have been visiting roller skating rinks around the city. The rinks allow meContinue reading “Fitness and taking up space”

Moxi Melly, beginning at the beginning.

Fitness is my love. It is a benefit from being diagnosed with cancer. It is one thing that I can do to instill a benefit, without popping pills. It is fun. It helps keep my weight at a comfortable place. It helps me feel confident and engaged and it helps me feel and know myContinue reading “Moxi Melly, beginning at the beginning.”