meadowlark, design, cut and sew?

I have been using, and loving, Quiltography for iPad. It has ‘potato chip factor’, which means, I open it, start designing and cannot stop. I think I have designed over 40 quilt tops using Meadowlark. But it is now time to begin making quilts using the information the app provides. As I have been doingContinue reading “meadowlark, design, cut and sew?”

Wow. My Quilt Top Challenge.

I am stepping back into my own and it feels good.  Artistically speaking, I have been on ‘secret hold’ for more than a year. Meaning, I have not been able to show my art, talk about it, not much of anything really. That is a difficult place to be, when you keep a blog whereContinue reading “Wow. My Quilt Top Challenge.”