online workshops

I am very excited to announce that I am now teaching workshops on-line through my newest venture, The Clever Guild!

These classes will be video intensive; will have PDF’s, supportive as well as exclusive content. You can share with your fellow classmates through the class blog pages and a private Facebook group.

New classes will be added often, but because you are interested, here is a list of classes on the horizon:

Stencil Magic: Single Stencils
Stencil Magic: Multicolor Stencils

Stencil Magic: Single and Multicolor Stencils (multi use)

Stenciling is a technique rich in both tradition and use; stencils can be used to create repeatable imagery for most any surface. Perhaps you have seen beautifully crafted loaves of bread, whose surface was dusted with flour through a stencil just prior to baking? Or a smattering of ivy painted as a border at ceiling height in a comforting and sumptuous room.

In this class we will explore making single and multicolored stencils to be used in your mixed media adventures. Melanie will explain how to draw and plot out both single and multicolor stencils, show you how to cut and use your stencils on several types of surfaces; cloth, gessoed wood and paper. A discussion of color mixing and paint types will help you to round out your skill set. Melanie will also explain how she uses her journals as inspiration and guidance when looking for new stencil ideas.


Stamp Tramp: Single and Multicolor Stamps
Stamp Tramp: Single and Multicolor Stamps

Stamp Tramp: Single and Multicolor Stamps (multi use)

Stamps are an easy and incredibly versatile means to print repetitively. In this class we will explore two types of fun foam stamps, single and multicolor fun foam stamps. This class will cover the basics of drawing a design, transferring and cutting the design as well as mounting and using your stamps. We will explore the differences between stamping on cloth, paper and gessoed wood. In addition Melanie will discuss paints appropriate to your end goal, color mixing for spectacular results, and she will help trouble shoot printed missteps. Melanie will also discuss how to use your artist’s journal as a springboard in creating your stamped designs.

You Can’t Resist This: Soy Wax Batik w/ Paint on Paper

You Can’t Resist This: Soy Wax Batik with Paint on Paper (single use)

Soy Wax gives batik a whole new name! Soy wax is a resist that is an ecologically safe medium-it’s green! Unlike paraffin, soy wax biodegrades, is easily removed, requiring no special techniques or chemicals and is a sustainable resource, what could be better? Combine it with paints to create your very own highly textural, unique and dynamic surface designed paper. This is a highly addictive way to create pattern and think of the possible uses in your mixed media adventures!

Melanie will guide you in how to pair paints to specific types of paper, how to layer, build and create satisfying designs. And as always Melanie will explain how to mix color, create pleasing color combinations and will guide you through safe studio practices.



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