Birds and Fleur de Lis

Carving rubber stamps is my favorite printing technique. For years, I used grey rubber, but when Lisa Chin introduced me to Inovart Eco Carve, I changed loyalties. I did so because, Eco Carve is firmer than the grey stuff, though it carves like butter. The firmness allows for finer lines.

Check out this time lapse instagram video of me carving the Bird and Fleur de Lis pattern:


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Its like being #hypnotized #handcarved #rubberstamp #repeatpattern #fleurdelis #birds #textiledesign #surfacedesign #surfacedesigner #handprintedtextiles

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I continue to swatch and print a new color triangle and am happy to say I am past the half way point. I have 15 colors swatched in gradations of four each. This means I have 13 more colors to go. Woot!

Soon, I will have 4 color triangles to choose colors from! I am a greedy little dragon! I want even more triangles! 

With each color grouping I swatch, I am using a new multicolor print set. When I am finished with this new color triangle, I will have, So. Much. Fabric!! And there is nothing wrong with that.

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