The Cancer Journals Revisited

This weekend was the world premiere of The Cancer Journals Revisited, a documentary by Lana Lin, shown at BAM (Brooklyn Arts and Music). I participated in this documentary alongside Shay Sharpe, of Shay Sharpe’s Pink WishesEricka Hart, Barbara Hammer (who has passed away), and more. 

Check out the trailer!

The Cancer Journals Revisited centers a discussion of breast cancer around Audre Lorde’s book, The Cancer Journals and the film expands upon the exploration of racism, environmental issues and how women are made to feel their presentation matters more than their health when facing a life changing diagnosis.

Lana  did so well in presenting this issue from a predominantly black, brown, and queer perspective. Which is as it should be. Black women and queer folk are diagnosed at much later stages and have less access to quality medical care. 

My good man accompanied me to see the documentary as well. When we left the building, he said to me, “You should be proud of participating in that, it was really good. I would like to read the book.” which touched me deeply.

Lana is working on getting this film picked up for distribution.

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