Common Tern

Years ago, I began working on a series that I call, The 20. This centers on the Audubon list of Common Birds in Decline. Because I love birds so much, I decided to highlight these common birds and to give them my voice as an artist. Common Terns are coastal birds whose habitat is being lost to humans and climate change. If you live near or visit the coast, please clean and remove any detritus you find! Especially plastic.

Since I first created the ATC in the upper right corner, I have thought of this image as depicting David and I.

My good Man and I have been married for just over 24 years and we’ve decided to get tattoos to celebrate (our appointments are in less than 2 weeks!!). I have chosen the Common Tern image. This image is so loving, shows such connection between the two birds, it communicates the love I seek to honor. David plans to get a portrait of our good feline, Peach.

So all three of us will be present in the honoring of our time together! That’s what I call family.

2 thoughts on “Common Tern

  1. What a beautiful idea. I wish Carl liked tattoos. That Dutch Reform upbringing gets in the way. LOL! I have always loved your birds, especially when you feature a pair. There is emotion and a sense of devotion without words. Congrats on 24 years! We will celebrate 31 in 2 weeks. (We were slow to commit to anyone. LOL!)


  2. Utterly lovely. Next June will be 20 years for Eric & I… when you have the right person, it is so easy. Hope you will post photos of the tattoos. Much love


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