Florabunda!’s Blue without You Pattern debut and GIVEAWAY!

Just look at this sun dazzled quilt. Doesn’t it make you want to curl up and read a book, out in the sun? Hope for a breeze. Have a full day of relaxation and contented, good feelings? That’s how it makes me feel!

Tiffany Hayes designed Blue without You,  specifically for Florabunda! Isn’t it lovely?

I am offering you a copy of Blue without You as a GIVEAWAY, off my blog today! Comment on this post to win your copy. I bought one for myself too!

Please!! Check out RJR Fabrics Instagram page today and each day this week, as this is the second day of the Florabunda! Blog Hop Celebration GIVEAWAY!! RJR will be highlighting some of the blog hop participants and will host a 5-day-long giveaway, all through Instagram. (Follow them on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/rjrfabrics/). 

Quilty Box , a company that sells and ships specially selected fabrics, tools and other exciting products for quilters by subscription, will also have special offers for those who follow Florabunda! Blog Hoppers on Instagram (don’t forget @RJRFabrics, @QuiltyBox and @MellyTesta) to increase your chances for winning the give-aways).

There are 12 quilt makers and artists participating, and all of us have made quilts and usable items showcasing Florabunda! Join us each day through June 16. 

June 7–Tiffany Hayes

June 8–Deborah Boschert

June 9–Sara Mika

June 10–Lyric Kinard

*June 11–Kathy York 

June 11–Teri Lucas

*June 12Susan Brubaker Knapp  

June 12 Leslie Tucker Jenison 

*June 13—Tiffany Hayes  <—Blue without You Pattern Release

June 13Jamie Fingal 

June 14–Debby Brown 

*June 14–Heidi Kelly 

June 15– David Gilleland 

June 15—Melanie Testa <— Here! <—I added this day for myself.
June 16 Melanie Testa, Quilty Box Swag!







16 thoughts on “Florabunda!’s Blue without You Pattern debut and GIVEAWAY!

  1. This is my favorite colorway of Florabunda …. calm peaceful inviting. I have also thought that these fabrics could foundation fabrics in my new midwest landscape series. Once my recovery from breast surgery is further down the road to would like to explore my landscapes using unexpected color. If you have any giveaways, let me know…. Didi


  2. I love the colours used. It makes me think of the ocean, my favourite peaceful place. It also looks very classy. Just gorgeous.


  3. Great pattern! With the peaceful colors, it reminds me of birds flying over the ocean. I can almost smell the ocean.


  4. Love this Pattern! 💕 Love this fabric! 💕
    Love them more together! 💕
    Awesome giveaway 💕Thanks! 😍


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