Finding pleasure.

Last week, I took out every quilting thread I own, made a quilt sandwich and found a thread i wanted to use on my Bow Tie quilt. The thread I chose, is variagated trilobal polyester, Superior brand Rainbow. Now, my Bow Tie quilt is more than half quilted! 

When I was making whole cloth, dye painted artwork, I used an array of rayon embroidery threads. The thread was slick, shiney and became one with the dye painted work beautifully. I fell in love with the shine and depth it gave the artwork.  Now, I find, I can still have that shine, though in a much stronger thread that will withstand washing and use! Win!

Also, in the hopes of hosting a ‘Sip and Sew’ at my local quilt store, Gotham Quilts, I am using their free pattern, Yuma and combining it with Florabunda! Again, my fascination with my own self imposed ‘creative limitations’ reared its pesky head! I froze up and declared, ‘I have no idea how to follow a pattern!’ I fretted, I tried to back out of the idea, I got to work, and…

Wonder of all wonders, I most certainly do know how to follow a pattern! I am even changing it around a slight bit!

It is time to stop listening to that small and limiting voice and settle into the pleasure of streching and growing, while learning new things, all over again.  





3 thoughts on “Finding pleasure.

  1. Melly, you inspire me every single day whether it’s the fabric printing, focus on piecing, or experimenting with free-motion machine quilting – you are reminding that Trying is the best thing. Following the rules is good, knowing how to break the rules is good – as quilters having both is good for our growth as quilt makers and artists. The beauty in following the rules is learning the technique so we are then free to break the rules and embrace the art.


  2. You wrote this just in time to kick me in the butt. I signed up for a class. Parts I can do in my sleep, but others are new to me. Of course I found reasons not too start – it’s too hot, I need to do laundry, cook, vacuum, etc….. I got up early this morning, baked and cooked, this afternoon will be in the garden, and tonight I will get out the paints and start. Thanks! (I’ve always had a problem following patterns. I can do it and have tested patterns for people, but the urge to make it “mine” is strong. I cook this way, too.)


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