Blowsy Rose hankies! An update.

In all, the Blowsy Rose print in Florabunda is a four color design, or as we call it in Playful Fabric Printing, a four color multicolor set. In this case, the set consists of one hand carved rubber layer and three fun foam layers that color the background, the leaves and the petals. 

In my opinion, three color designs are the most efficient and easy to print designs, they are approachable, easy to complete and they give you many coloring options. As I print this 4 color design, I periodically drop a layer out, making three color prints, I use all 4 layers too! My goal is to print as many different hankies as I am able in a short period of time, while maintaining consistent print quality.

As I continue to print each of the 48 hankies, I pull some out of the ‘Working Pile’ and place them in the ‘Ready to Steam’ pile.

I rather like these hankies with white background! They are sweet.

So far, I have completed 14 hankies and am well on my way to completing this print job. I am doing this in part to fundraise for METAvivor. There are four hankies for sale, to meet my goal of selling all 48, and donating 240$ from the sale, to this upstanding organization.

I do hope you will head over to my Etsy page and get your hankie today!


And join our Facebook Community Page while you are at it! This is the place for Live Video, asking questions and learning to Playfully Print your own fabrics!





2 thoughts on “Blowsy Rose hankies! An update.

  1. The blousy rose print always reminds me of my Gram. Her name was Rose and she loved all flowers, but roses were her favorites. She would have loved your hankies. She always had one in her pocket, ready for a grandkids tears or to dip in the river to wipe a bruised knee. She would carry home ferns, mini pines, trilliums, or blackberries home from the river in them. I don’t think I ever saw a box of Kleenex in her house. My task besides hoeing the garden was to iron hankies. My Grandfather’s were boring white, maybe with an initial or a pale blue stripe. Gram’s were glorious explosions of color. No dainty white lawn for her. I guess they were more like kerchiefs than hankies. I loved ironing them. Thank you for my little trip down memory lane. Ever since you posted the hankies, I have been thinking about those of my childhood. Next trip to Mom’s will include digging through the cedar chest to see if there are any left. 🙂


  2. Absolutely stunning. I’m curious, what are you using for color? Fabric ink or thickened dye? The saturation is perfect.


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