Lace Swirl Quilt Top

This last weekend was quite productive. I took Bucket to my twice yearly quilt retreat and made great progress while #freerangetextileprinting. Then, I came home, switched out the newspaper and tinfoil I had been using to steam (this is a link to Pokey Bolton’s blog related to our Playful Fabric Printing blog hop-who chose the steamer as a topic), and got to work. I now have about 39 Melly Marks Lace Swirl and 50 Chevrons printed and ready to cut and piece!

This is why I love steaming and boiling. Steaming and boiling is a transformative experience. I love seeing the prints pile up, all stiff like potato chips, then, I like seeing the final shade after boiling and drip dry. 

I think this is a great coloring of the Lace Marks multicolor print set. The swirl is printed in Medium and the innards is Light value (I can figure out which color number if you want this info!) Combined with the pale pink ground, I feel this color way really highlights the lacey design. 

Here is a pile of ready to iron handprints. They look like potato chips to me. They act like it too. I am so excited to make a new quilt top, I could eat these like potato chips! If only they tasted as good.

I hope at the end of making this quilt to come out with a ‘pattern’, that states how many prints, provides a color way, and breaks down the making the quilt. I hope you might like this idea. I would love to hear your thoughts about this.

Here is the “Insider Info” portion of today’s program 🙂

I am offering my first Etsy Shop coupon code, use the code MELLYMARKS1 to receive 4$ off an order of 20$ or more, in my new shop! This code will be available until March 28.

And, join the Playful Fabric Printing Community page on Facebook.

Additionally, comment if you would consider becoming a Sample Maker for my upcoming fabric line, to be release at Quilt Market!!!

I hope to teach at Schweinfurth Art Center in May, please join me. This class will expand upon the principle presented in Playful Fabric Printing.

3 thoughts on “Lace Swirl Quilt Top

  1. I love the chevron design and the lacy swirl pattern. I am always drawn to simple designs on fabric. For me they are like neutrals. They play well with others – big geometrics or florals or bold colors. They are the salt and pepper of quiltmaking. It looks like you had a productive weekend. I hope it was also fun filled.


  2. Hi Melanie
    Hi Melanie
    I’d be glad to work on samples for you, especially if they have some of that delish lace swirl fabric!

    I’ve been quilting since I was a kid, and can do most anything, I’m not fond of appliqué, but I can make it happen LOl.

    I have an innova long arm, and love it. I can no longer hand quilt, but bring that design ability to my machine quilting. Like you, I’m a flattie. I fought off BC for a second time in 2011, but still have problems from the surgery, hence no more hand quilting. It was a fair trade, no cancer and a hot to trot innova or boobs! Off with the boobs😁🤗 and I’ve never looked back.

    Thanks for spreading the non reconstruction option information, and let me know if I can help you out with samples


    1. 🙂

      Are we friends on Facebook? If not, please go friend me. I will put you in the SECRET group related to Quilt Making Samples.


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