Lace Swirl print job (almost) complete.

There is some crazy mad Speed Printing going on over here. Thus far I have printed 29 Lace Swirl. Not all are pictured here, there are reds and purples that didn’t make the photograph. I need to round this job up to 30!

This multicolor set has proven to be an easy 3 layer color application. It was easy and meditative to print this many. I think printing is extremely medative. Repetition is satisfying. New approaches to using tools reveal themselves easily. There is exploration and release all at once.  It is easier to print 12 than 1, if you ask me. 

Earlier in the week, I tore through swatching all 28 colors in the Playful Fabric Printing color triangle. As such, I have gads of newly mixed custom colors. My goal has been to keep this printed grouping mostly in the reds, orange, purple and yellow area of the triangle. I did throw in two turquoise and two Kellie green(, also not photographed). But I can withhold them if/when it comes to making a quilt top with this.

I may steam and put these samples in my new Etsy shop! (Even if I am also feeling greedy… and wondering what quilts could be made with them.)
I just need to say, I am so excited about my emerging store front! Please bear with me as I learn how to input, weigh and manage the shipping of items. I will always refund overages when they occur and as quickly as possible. I have been daydreaming about supporting myself as a textile printer and designer and this initiative is part of that effort. I hope you are interested in my wares. I don’t know if you will want my handprints, but I honestly hope you do. I will soon post some watercolor prints for sale too. 

I look forward to sharing all of this with you. 

 (I am thinking of hosting a Motif-along, soon-ish. Please leave comments about what you would like accomplish or learn in joining and doing such a thing. What you think of this idea? Do you have a blog? Insta? Do tell.)


5 thoughts on “Lace Swirl print job (almost) complete.

  1. Love!!!!!! I’ve never stuck with one motif and printed multiple color ways. I think it is partly because I don’t print a lot and then I want to try every thing all at once. This is making me think about getting focused and creating a compatible grouping. Thanks for the info about shipping. I held back and was going to ask you about it but life got in the way. Keep having fun! xoxo


  2. Jeannie, I feel like if you go through all of the effort to mix a color palette and print with it, why not print as many as you need all at once rather than dabble in techniques and try things out


    1. That is why your book is going to open new doors for me. I always added print paste to existing dye solution as I went along. I was never happy with the results and now I know why. I am getting really impatient to print. I’m going to get a big canvas tarp to use as a rug in the girl’s fort to protect the floor and not wait until warmer weather. I shooting for March after shots. 🙂


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