Lace Swirl: printed & book giveaway winner announced

First off? Julie H, comment #37, won my giveaway copy of Playful Fabric Printing!!! I am waiting to hear back from her now, Congrats Julie!

As you know, I have released a line of stamps and am working with StencilGirl products to release a line of stencils. I am selling Kits (and soon individual stamps) though my Etsy store. In the coming weeks, I will feature and talk about the use of these tools, the printing of cloth and the making of quilt tops. I do hope you will stick around. 

The above stamp is called Lace Swirl and it has relationship to the StencilGirl stencil L498

L498 contains a single motif, seen above at lower right, which can be used individually or to color a portion of the Lace Swirl print.  

Conversely the Melly Marks Lace Swirl Kit utilizes a Thermofax screen to color all the the swirls at once. In this way you could use the stencil to color intermittent swirls, or you could use the Thermofax to color every swirl.

Later this week I will post images depicting the difference between these options. 

For now, I am really happy to have opened up a speed printing session using the Lace Swirl Kit. I have printed 29 (9×11″) pieces thus far and colored the background of just 5 of those. In all I have printed just under two yards of cloth. I like this print so much, I think it would be a good idea to print even more. Perhaps 2.5 yards of the Lace Swirl in total.

I would like this batch to be super chipper as well as bright and tingly in color choice. I see some light blues and greens in my printed future too.

It may take me a while to close out this print session, but that does not worry me. In the meantime, I will take notes on color use, day dream about the additional colors I would like to use, and explore how I might go about using these prints. Already, I have begun to ponder what textural tonals and semisolids might help push these prints forward. This is my favorite part of the print session, it is the the moment when all the possibilities swirl and eddy, before settling in becoming an established idea.

So tell me, have you begun to read Playful Fabric Printing? What excites you? What do you want to try first?

7 thoughts on “Lace Swirl: printed & book giveaway winner announced

  1. Congratulations, Julie! I am savoring each page of PFP. I still can’t get over the way the book feels and the gorgeous photos. I think I would like to do some multi color printing and some mono printing. I am almost done re-organizing the play house and deep cleaning the multi purpose house. Once the snow leaves, I will hunt for skeletonized leaves to use for stencil inspiration. I love the bright colors you are using. Reminds me of an exotic cocktail with a paper umbrella. 🙂


    1. Skeletonized leaves… that sounds amazing. I want to do that too. This created such a vivid image in my head that I have begun thinking how I might use these and where I could find my own.


      1. Right now is a good time to look for them. Find a pile of leaves and dig down through it. The skeletonized leaves will be below the top layer, usually. Make sure to have a way to transport them as they are super fragile. I usually use computer paper for laying the leaves out and then two cardstock covers to keep everything from bending. I then press them until they are dry in my big dictionary. I always find walnut leaves and they are great because they start out thicker. Gingko leaves are harder to find, but oh so beautiful. Happy hunting!


  2. I have just ordered the book! looking forward to the individual stamps so that i can purchase this wonderful design lace swirl which is my favourite. I’ve lost track of where I have left comments in order to win a free book so I decided to buy it then. Love all of your work!


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