Buckets’ debut, modest but impactful.

We honor Ganesh here at CASA M&D, so when I came upon his likeness this morning, I snapped this photo. The sun is just beginning to shine upon him. He gave a smile. I gladly took it. I am sitting in a favorite coffee shop to work and blog outside the apartment.  

It has so far, been a very productive day, and it is just past 9:15. 

I snapped this self portrait last night, and just had to share it here. It’s fun to see myself, inside a pig who is wearing a bow.

I have had my first outing with The Bucket. Me and my bucket are going to follow a rainbow together, a very colorful rainbow. This is just the beginning.

We walked a few blocks to Mazzone hardware. The bucket needs some carriage bolts, nuts and washers, so I took the little lady out for a spin. I decided to take the bucket because it helps me understand the weight of the bucket, while placing me in context -with- the bucket. 

Printing in public means I will need to –talk to people– about what the heck I am doing. (Crazy lady things!) 

I mean, I do question going out into the wilds of NYC to print in public parks! But you know what? When I was going through treatment for breast cancer, I kept asking myself, what happens if you don’t do-such and so. What happens if I don’t follow my passions and whims. I could die not having done them, that’s what. And rather than let that happen, I’ve decided to do the things! I can come up with some pretty wild ideas. And this one, printing in public, is pushing me outside my comfort zone. 

My neighbor Dee was sitting outside her place, so I decided to try my crazy out on her. It went really well. Dee wanted to know about my bucket even before I had placed it in front of her and introduced both myself and the item at hand. Phew. That was easy. Dee likes the bucket and the idea. Cool. 

Who doesn’t like a nice bucket?

So this is Mazzone’s hardware. I tried to get one of the employees to pose with me and my bucket, but that was a no go. I think this was a great success anyway! I spoke with the nice lady, told her about my project and I asked if she might want to be featured on my blog. She contemplated the idea, but declined and I went ahead with my recon mission. I feel this was very successful! Part of my mission was accomplished in this exchange. Nice.

I went on to photograph my bucket in front of the store instead.  

I don’t know how to utilize these just yet. I did not purchase them. But… Don’t you think Bucket needs wheels? 

My hesitation to include the wheel starts with the added weight, but it is also contingent on another factor, the bucket must remain viable to holding water. There will be no holes in this bucket. I think this means that I might need a wooden platform to apply the wheels to… And again, that means added weight to carry. But wheels mean movement and that sounds like fun. I could also see pulling my bucket like a pull toy.

And here is bucket in the bolt aisle! It looks comfortable, don’t you think?

The other question I keep asking myself is, what does it mean -to you- to be a textile artist, in NYC, in 2016? 

And to this, I continually respond, it is totally up to ME, what that means. 

So if I want to use NYC as my studio, alright. And if I want to use motif and textile design to explore my world, so be it. This is my art form.  But as I begin to print in parks around the city, I want to have a secondary goal. The secondary goal is that I want to design a print based on the entire experience. I want to see a NYC landmark in the print. I will take pictures at each park and use them as motifs in the print. 

I hope you will follow along as I do! This is going to be fun.

Overall this was a great first outing.

10 thoughts on “Buckets’ debut, modest but impactful.

  1. What fun! Maybe think about/search for a plastic liner to insert in the bucket after you add wheels. Then you wouldn’t need the wooden platform to attach the wheels and bucket will sill hold water. Just a thought.


  2. What Carol said! You can also put the wheels on a piece of plexi-glass. I would load the bucket as you would use it and take to Ace for guidance on the wheel size. There are smaller wheels that might work. I love your bucket and your adventure. It reminds me of the 10 year old me. My Grandfather gave me my Grandmother’s Singer Treadle. Into the rag bag I went. I fashioned doll clothes (Tiny Tears and Barbie), then knitted skirts, sweaters, and vests. My best friend helped and then we set up a TV tray and sold our wares on the corner along with Kool aid pops (Kool-Aid ice cubes with toothpicks 2 cents each). Dresses were 15 cents, vests 5 cents, etc. I still remember this like it was yesterday. My friend died in a freak accident when we were in our 20s. I dressed her Barbie doll in one of our outfits to be placed in her coffin. Her Mom bawled because she knew how much Kristie loved our imagination and entrepreneurship. I can’t wait for the next adventure with the bucket. Does this mean you are now a bucket lady? LOL! Will your bucket fit into your shopping cart? An alternative to the wheels. xoxo


  3. I think this is such a wonderful idea! And oh the things you (and we ) will see and learn as you go. How exciting and inspirational it will be!
    And Melanie, you are also such a great writer. You are blessed as an artist and a writer.
    I would think the wheels added in some way would be a nice addition. Funny, we’ve not met but I can somehow picture you pulling the bucket along behind you.


  4. You always come up with the wildest most clever ideas! I look forward to seeing what you end up doing! Looks like lots of people have great ideas. If you were to put the wheels on a piece of plexi-glass then could you use that part for mono-printing??? Just adding to the brainstorms above.


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